Mattress toppers

I purchased the Nest Bedding Latex hybrid mattress. We purchased the medium firmness due to we are side sleepers. It seems the correct firmness. We sleep on it ok and no Problems but just isn’t that comfortable. Our old mattress was a Simmons beauty rest memory foam hybrid. Is this why the latex isn’t comfortable cause we are used to memory foam? Would a memory foam topper help? I heard latex needs to breathe so placing a memory foam on top I heard will stop the latex foam from breathing and can break down. Should we try a latex topper? Any advice is appreciated

Hi Lisab.

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I don’t know for how long you’ve owned The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex mattress but just in case it is brand new you must allow for at least 30 days for the break in and adjustment that comes with any new mattress. During the adjustment period all mattresses will soften slightly with use, even latex and the covering and the non-woven fabric wrapping the springs, although the amount will vary based upon materials being used. Your body will also go through a period of retrogression where you’ll adjust to the new product as well.

If you are well past the break-in period and as you do not have the option to exchange to a plusher feel for this product, adding a topper could be a good solution to fine-tune the mattress to the comfort you prefer and to create just enough “sinking in” to distribute pressure points over a wide enough surface area around the body prominences. You may want to read some of the topper guidelines in post #8 here and the posts it links to along with conversations with a knowledgeable manufacturer or retailer you are considering buying from who can give you specific information about the toppers they sell that you are considering can help you make the best choice for your own personal circumstances. When choosing the topper you would need to consider the material, thickness and plushness level in combination with your existing set to make sure that it is not too thick to create “too deep” of a comfort cradle for you which can have the potential to negatively impact your alignment and you be able to assess to assess any topper’s appropriateness with your own personal testing.

If you like the feel of memory foam you can reach out to Nest and see if the 2" Alexander Cooling Topper they designed to work with their sleep systems would work well for your needs and preferences.

While the upper layers of a mattress are the most significant part of temperature and moisture regulation as it relates to the sleeper, the airflow and ventilation will occur from all sides of the mattress including the deeper support components. Nest hybrid latex mattress is using a pocket coil core which is one of the most breathable types of cores… followed by latex which is also the most breathable and “temperature neutral” of all the different types of foam materials. Latex allows for more air flow than any other foams and when changing positions on the mattress the air will be moved in and out like within an accordion. Generally speaking, all foams (including Memory Foam) allow for airflow, especially with the newer generations of more open cell memory foams and there would not be any cause of concern by placing a memory foam topper on your mattress as this would stop neither the latex nor the memory foam from ventilating (unless they are placed within a tightly sealed non-breathable encasement, such as plastic) and a memory foam topper would certainly not cause the “break down” of the latex below. As far as temperature sleeping microclimate goes… keep in mind that the topper will have a bigger effect on airflow, moisture transport, and temperature regulation than other materials, layers, and components that are further away from your skin.

I’ll be interested to learn of your eventual decisions.