Mattress Update

Hi Phoenix, I want to update you about the Spindle mattress. We did go to Ma. and met with Neil and Kim. They were very knowledgeable and helpful . They spent a lot of time with us showing and trying their different showroom mattress’s levels of firmness. They did recommend what would be best for us and their advise proved to be correct. We are very happy with our selection. They shipped the mattress to and it arrived when they said it would. Quite a different experience then with other mattress company’s. We want to thank you for all the research and time you have spent on this subject, without it we would have never known about Spindle. Sincerely, Edith and Norman Smith, Columbia,NJ

Hi Norman,

Thank you for taking the time to write back again about your Spindle mattress shopping experience. I’m happy that your experience was a good one and that you are enjoying your new mattress, and as you know I think highly of Neal and Kim at Spindle.

I’m looking forward to your future updates!