Mattress with soy foam

I’m considering an all latex mattress from Spindle, a company from your list and they seem to be a great company. I’d like to ask for comments about the use of only Dunlop latex, not Talalay at all. I understand that the newer method of Dunlop, the “continuous pour” can get the same versatility, or I guess I should really say, “softness” in the comfort layer that Talalay can. I’d love to hear any response on that.

The mattress uses:
Three layers of ventilated latex foam. A total of nine inches of latex foam. and:
¾" comfort layer of certi-pur soy based foam.

What about “soy based foam”?


Hi Whitelotus,

Yes … the continuous pour process can produce a more evenly consistent version of Dunlop and it does come in softer versions than are usually found in Dunlop. Both Dunlop and Talalay are high quality materials and the choice between them is really a matter of personal preference (see post #7 here). There is more about the different types and blends of latex in post #6 here. As you mentioned … I do think highly of Neal and Spindle and they are one of the manufacturers I recommend and that I believe compete well with the best in the industry and they would certainly be well worth talking to and including as one of your better options.

A conversation with Neal will give you much more specific information about how their Dunlop compares to other types of latex in terms of softness and “feel”.

“Soy based foam” is just a form of polyfoam that has replaced a small percentage of one of the petrochemicals used to make it (the polyol) with a soy oil based derivative. There is more information about them in post #2 here but outside of using a small percentage of more renewable materials … I would treat them as being directly comparable to regular polyfoam of the same density in terms of quality.


Thanks so much, I appreciate your time and good advice.