Mattress without flame retardant chemicals - Ultimate Dreams Natural Latex? Others?

I am looking for a mattress for my toddler and want to avoid anything that has flame retardant chemicals. From what I have read, that means finding a mattress that uses wool to meet the flame resistant standards. I am looking at the Ultimate Dreams Natural Latex, which I think does use wool but no chemicals, and was wondering if anyone had feedback on that model. All I could find in the forum search was feedback about the Ultimate Dreams Plush and Eurotop. Also, are there any other good value/quality mattresses out there that do not use FR chemicals that I should consider?

This forum and website have been a great source of information - thank you!

Hi orchid815,

Post #2 here has links to some of the better posts, threads, and information in the forum about children and mattresses including links to some good quality/value choices :slight_smile:


Hi Phoenix,

Thank you for pointing me to all of those great posts! It was very helpful and I think I’ve narrowed it down to either the Sleep Ez Natural Latex 7000 or the Natural Talalay Latex (8 inches). One question I have is about thickness. The mattress is for a 2.5 year old but we are hoping that it will last her through adolescence. In addition, it will occasionally be used for guests or my husband or I when she is having a rough night. Would a 7 or 8 inch mattress suffice or do we need to go thicker? My husband is probably the largest person who would use it and he is about 185 lbs.

Thank you!

Hi orchid815

Latex is a very durable material and there’s no doubt in my mind that it will last that long.

6" of latex or even less is fine for kids (and many lighter adults as well) and this leaves open the possibility of adding a softer layer down the road as they get older and more developed and need a softer layer on top. Unless someone is in the mid 200 range or higher … 8" or 9" of latex is usually fine and even less for those who like a firmer mattress or who don’t sleep on their sides. More than that would be unnecessary and is a matter of preference or sometimes the side effect of certain designs which require more layers to reach their design goal.

The lower 6" of latex is generally more for support and then any additional layers on top would be more for pressure relief/comfort. For those who like a firmer mattress without any extra softness on top or for occasional use … then even 6" would generally be fine.

So a “typical” latex mattress would be 6" of latex (firmer for heavier weights and softer for lighter weights) and then have an additional 1" to 3" of softer material on top for pressure relief depending on the body type, sleeping positions, and preferences of the person using it. Kids don’t generally need the extra layer on top until they get older (and would probably do better without it) but an adult may need some extra softness for better pressure relief … particularly if they were side sleepers. So the 6" layer would be be fine for most adults in terms of support but depending on the firmness of the latex it may be a little on the firm side for many adults in terms of pressure relief.

So I would tend to go with a mattress that had 6"of latex for your child and then have a separate softer topper for the times when it is used for you or your guests so that your child can have a little firmer and you and your guests can have some extra softness when necessary.



I can’t thank you enough - you have been incredibly helpful! I went ahead and ordered the Sleep Ez 7000 and can’t wait until it arrives!

Hi orchid815,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I think that you made a good choice for your circumstances and if the 7000 is a little too firm for the adults or guests (based on your real life experience with it) you have the option of adding a topper that can be added when necessary (or down the road as your kids get older).

I hope you have the chance to give us your feedback when you’ve received it.