Mattresses 24/7

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give an updated experience into Mattresses 24/7 on Ebay.

Placed my order for a Queen on April 27th. I will update this posting once I have confirmation the order has shipped, when it arrives and once it is installed. I will also attempt to take pictures of this process.

Hopefully this will give everyone an updated review of this company, whether good or bad.

OK it’s May 4th and I have just received notice that the mattress is on its way from Tempe, AZ.

Hi Bubby,

I’m looking forward to your report :slight_smile:


Update on my experience with Mattresses 24/7.

Mattress arrived on the 9th. Everything was well packaged (yes they were post marked out of Tempe, AZ.)

I took photos of the Foundation (I used a KD Knockdown), packaging, opening and installation, so I hope they help.

Everything is extremely well packaged and appears to be first rate in quality and construction. The support layers are enclosed in a thin cover that is machine stitched. Val was a extremely helpful. Excellent experience at this price point.

Please follow the link to for photos. Hope these help:

OK today is May 22nd and I just want to give an update on the mattress.

I found the medium to be a little too firm for me, so I went to a local outlet and purchased a queen piece of 1" Talalay soft and put that on top of the existing arrangement. It seems to have done the job. It allows me to “sink” into the mattress (I’m a side sleeper) and provides additional comfort.

If I have one complaint it is the Bamboo case. It tends to bunch up and does not relax to its original position (pictures added to link). Although the original mattress is 9", there is plenty of room for additional layers of latex. I added the 1" layer and can easily add an additional 2" inches if needed. I plan on contacting Mattresses 24/7 and see if she is willing to do anything. Not sure if this is common but I don’t like waking up on this.

The other issues I want to make clear is the return policy. Per my conversation with Val, you can return it but are subject to a 150.00 charge plus you pay for the return shipping fees (might as well keep it and use it in a guest room). Also, your top layer is not exchangeable. It’s complete refund or nothing.

Update 5-31-2013

Contacted Mattresses 24-7 on the 22nd regarding the defective (maybe used-missing government required content label) Bamboo cover. Val replied (on the 22nd) that she would send out a replacement and a shipping label (for returning the defective unit). Well, it’s the 31st and still no cover, and no additional contact from Mattresses 24-7. I’ll provide an update if, and when, the replacement cover arrives.

Update 07-30-2013

Well it’s been several months now and I would like to update everyone on our experience:

Valerie did indeed replace the Bamboo cover (new one is a much better fit) but still tends to strech out and now return to its original “flat” position. Also, I must say that neither my wife, nor myself, have been able to have a totally confortable nights sleep on this mattress. The bottom two layers come gluded together and I question how one would verify wether the layers are what 24/7 says they are. It’s easy to slap a sticker on but an inked stamp from the factory would be a better system. I would also recommend that you actually find a mattress you’re interested in and spend some time laying on it. My wife tends to wake up with a sore shoulder and I am still waking up with a sore lower back (and I mean sore). I can say that I will not be ordering a mattress sight unseen again.

Therefore, we have decided to begin our search again but will only purchase something local after we have had the time to physcially touch and experience the product. The unit we purchased from 24/7 will be going up to the cottage, as it’s not worth the cost to send it back (150.00 restock fee plus shipping fees back to AZ.)

Hi Bubby,

Thanks for the update and the pictures :slight_smile: