Mattresses for Cabin Shared by Many!

Hello! This is my first post on Mattress Underground, and first of all I’d like to say I think this is a fantastic much needed site! The research and time that has been put forward here is indeed impressive and greatly appreciated!

We are 1/4 owners of a family cabin that was handed down and shared between 4 families. There are two sets of twin beds in two rooms. The weights of sleepers ranges from low 100’s to 170 or so lbs, and I’m sure there’s a mixture of side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. Is there such a mattress that could possibly make all of us semi- happy? Right now we have two that are absolutely torturous to sleep on,… they are “Waturbury Bedding 3000 Plush”
I would be interested to know how these are constructed just to see if it is “just me” or if these mattresses actually do really suck! lol No one else complains about them like I do.
I know that finding mattresses that will please everyone is a very tall order! Apparently hotels must have some standard that they go by and if someone could lead me in the right direction with this I would so greatly appreciate some advice. I’m leaning towards Latex and I was wondering how the “Ultimate Dreams” mattress would suffice. Typically people are here three or four nights at a time.
A big “Thanks” in advance!

Hi MW,

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I don’t know the layering or materials of the Waterbury bedding 3000 plush but based on looking at them (mostly used mattresses being sold on various sites) they are probably a basic polyfoam/innerspring mattress and the polyfoam in the mattresses is probably past its useful life. This would affect some people more than others depending on their weight, sleeping positions, and preferences. Some people seem to be able to sleep on anything and some are more sensitive to mattresses that don’t “fit” what they need or prefer.

There are so many different needs and preferences between different people that it would be very difficult to find a mattress that even everyone “liked” much less loved because one person’s “sleeping on a cloud” is another person’s backache.

What I would do in a case like this is to buy a basic firm mattress and then have a couple of toppers available so that each person could choose the topper that they preferred. You would have several options this way. One would be the mattress by itself (for those who liked firm), a second could use the mattress plus say a memory foam topper and the third could use the basic mattress with a latex topper. This would probably be as close as you could get to keeping everyone happy and each one would have their own “custom” mattress.

If there is such a thing as a “typical” hotel mattresses, it would be a fairly inexpensive innerspring mattress with firm support with various plush layers on top and they often use a bedding package that has a topper or fiberbed of some kind to give it some “cush” and help extend the life of the mattress itself and that can be replaced more easily than an entire mattress. They will also often be two sided to extend their life. There are a few more thoughts about them in post #2 here (and a forum search on “hotel” will bring up more but the gist of them is the same). Many people that buy a hotel mattress without the complete package are surprised that the mattress they bought doesn’t feel the same as the hotel because the bedding package is missing. They also replace them before they degrade too badly. So a “typical” hotel mattress would be “plush over firm” with a bedding package and in good condition. Of course there is a wide variety of hotel mattresses and there is not one basic configuration.

The Ultimate Dreams as you probably know are very good quality/value and with a firmer choice could provide a good base for use by itself for some people or with a topper for others. Two or three types of toppers (such as memory foam, softer latex, fiberbed) would give you several different mattress choices that would probably keep most people happy. Because you probably wouldn’t have a situation where everyone wanted the same topper … you would need fewer toppers of each type than you had mattresses as well.

You would have a “better than hotel quality” mattress in a “cabin” budget :slight_smile:


Thank you Phoenix! This sounds like a great solution! :cheer:
I “assume” when you suggest “firm” you do not mean “extra firm” since none of our people are over average weight? (well…for the most part :unsure: )

This is off the subject, but I’m surprised no one has come up with a “dual topper” for say King size bed> (example: soft/medium) There might be a pretty good market for those types of toppers since many are not quite ready or able to purchase a new mattress and have different sleeping preferences…Or maybe those toppers already exist? Thanks again!

Hi MW,

I would suggest the firmest that was “comfortably sleepable” for people that needed or preferred a firmer surface (such as stomach sleepers or those that were a little heavier than some of the others).

Then I would add a couple of thinner toppers in the 2" - 3" range (softer latex or memory foam) or a fiberbed (which would just provide some surface softness for those that wanted it) to the “menu”. I would stick with 2’ for latex and the memory foam (if there are some who like memory foam in the group) could be a little thicker say 3" which would give a bit more of a memory foam feel.

So not hard as a rock no :slight_smile: … but also not so soft that adding toppers would compromise alignment.

There are a couple like this that have say 2" of memory foam on one side and then 2" of polyfoam on the other or other combinations (such as the innomax memory foam/latex topper here). You can also find quite a few mattresses that have side to side split layering for a couple with different needs and preferences or use say two twin XL of diferent types on a King mattress. there are also mattresses that have zip covers where the inner layers can be removed and replaced with a different layer (The Dreamfoam has their Eurotop for example that has a zip cover where the top layer can be exchanged and other manufacturers such as those listed in post #21 here have mattresses with zip covers where any of the layers can be exchanged or replaced).


Thanks very much Phoenix! Again you go above and beyond my expectations,…completely and thoroughly answering my questions as well as offering excellent suggestions! Muchas Gracious!!