Mattresses in the New Orleans area?

Hey all,
I"m about to make the trek form the Northwest down to New Orleans to start a medical residency. I expect to be working long hours, so I’d really like to sleep well for the hours that I have available. I’m considering Tuft and Needle mattress, but I’d like to look at some local innerspring and latex options. Does anyone have any advice on mattress shopping in the NOLA area? I’ve been sleeping on terrible mattresses in med school, and I really really want to upgrade. Thanks very much!

Hi EnFeugo,

While there aren’t a lot of great options in the area … the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in and around New Orleans (subject to the quality/value guidelines here) are listed in post #4 here.


Thanks very much Phoenix!! I’ll take a look at a few and get back to you.

Actually, could you let me know of quality manufacturers in the states around Louisiana? I will be driving through Texas or Missouri most likely.

Hi EnfFeugo,

If you can give me a list of the specific cities you will be close to then I’d be happy to link you to the lists for those cities.


ADDED: I corrected the link for New Orleans which was linking to the wrong post.