latex toppers

Hello I’m looking into buying a latex topper for my hybrid mattress and I was curious if the 2 inch wavy latex topper blowout special priced at $119 on w/ non pinholed dunlop latex ILD 25 would be a good one or if I should just spend an extra $100 and get the 2 inch dunlop topper from the same company that has those pinholes in it?

I did try to Google information but only found one post about it saying that latex without holes will feel firmer and not the same as traditional latex. I definitely dont mind spending the extra cash if it means a better product but saving money is preferred if the wavy topper will be essentially the same. Please let me know what your opinions on those toppers would be! Thanks!


Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately I do not have anymore information on this type of latex other than what is offered on It states that it is a blended Dunlop latex, which should be a viable topper to create a more plush feel for your mattress. In theory, a 25ILD wavy layer maybe just a bit firmer than a standard 25ILD Dunlop layer with pinholes, however I cannot say for absolute certain. I suggest contacting to inquire about this product, and how it compares to standard Dunlop latex. It looks as though they offer both types of latex, and maybe better suited to answer your questions concerning this latex.

Please feel free to keep us posted and share any information you can. Thanks again, and good luck!