Mattresses with microcoils in the comfort layers?

Hi- Looking for mattress brands or mattresses that have microcoils in the comfort layers.
Know I recently saw one online, but, cannot retrace my steps; thus, thought I’d run by the forum.

Thanks in advance.

Hey hopeeverlasting,

Welcome back to the TMU Forum :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Congrats on your mattress shopping journey, hopeeverlasting! For those consumers who may be following your research, here is a good Phoenix article explaining what microcoils are and how they function in the comfort layers of a mattress, “Mattress Comfort Layers- Microcoils”, as well as some follow up thoughts by expert trusted member Luma Sleep.

Naturepedic EOS is one that receives lots of consumer conversation here at the forum, but I couldn’t say whether that is what you’re thinking of. Perhaps some other TMU consumers will chime in with their thoughts. Good luck and keep us posted.


Naturepedic EOS Classic and Pillowtop both have microcoil options in the comfort layers. We have the pillow top in the following configurations:
Plush base coils, medium microcoils and medium microcoils. This is more supportive but not hard.
Firm base coils, soft microcoils and soft microcoils. This is a very soft mattress.[/li]

On their web site look for the non-latex option. It is somewhat hidden and not obvious. I believe it is on the order page as a color highlighted option.

We also tried the Joybed with nanocoils. It was pretty comfortable although you could feel the base coils at first. I did get used to them. However I can’t recommend them as on neither mattress they sent us did they include the materials and one had an odor that did not change while we had it. Also they don’t publish all their reviews, only the positive ones. Mine never appeared. However they were easy to work with in respect to returns.

Parachute also has a mattress with microcoils. However I did not find out about it until it appeared on this forum after we already had gotten through the Naturepedic trial period.

Both Naturepedic and Joybed sent a twin sized mattress labeled as twinXL when we ordered twinXL. They then both send something in the 77"-78" range as the replacement. As a result I have had to make adjustments for sleeping on a too short mattress.

The replacement Naturepedic twinXL is 75" if you measure the top sleeping surface and 77" if you measure the bulges at the top and the bottom. What this means for me is that I sleep diagonally and/or pull the bed away from the headboard so there is a gap that my pillow goes over. But I just gave up trying to get the proper length mattress as this one was longer than the first one Naturepedic sent us and my feet hung off the edge of the bed. For the price you would think they could make a proper twinXL mattress but someone is saving money and cutting off a few inches and probably a row or two of coils.

Could it be this one? I just bought their latex hybrid and it’s working very well so far.

Thank you all for the posts, links, and suggestions. (It might have been the Brenteood that I saw- Thanks!) Also, recall seeing a topper with microcoils as well.

Have been using a latex topper on a rather firm mattress for a while/ since previous advice provided from those on the forum (thanks!), but, at the point where a new mattress is needed, and one that is significantly more plush for side sleeper (occasionally sleep on my back) with lower back, nerve, and hip issues. Neck issues, too. Weight has also changed for the better, thus, mattress support and pressure relief needs have changed. The firm mattress we have with a topper (or toppers) no longer working and most nights pain-filled.

Have tried an all foam mattress, but, believe hybrids work best through the night/for repositionung. Really love the initial feel of latex, but find it causes pain ( like pushing back too much) in the middle of the night. (Fibro may be an issue.) Thus, looking at some different options. Tried a Brooklyn Bedding Aurora in a store, and the soft/plush felt great for side sleeping, but not for back sleeping. The medium felt too firm for side sleeping. Side support not so great. Pondering the Brentwood hybrid (non latex). Thanks again for the link. Also pondered the Sleep EZ flippable hybrid (Roger is the best when it comes to responding to email, providing thoughts and guidance), but, a little concerned about latex for the comfort layers. As far as the most comfortable bed I have been on and pressure relief- would be the Sleep Number i8- but, suspect that was due to the thickness of the comfort layers which I think are pretty much all polyfoam, and about 6 inches of old fashioned foam. (If I considered and airbed, woiuld be the airpedic 800, similar to thevSN i8, but, different air chambers.)

Thanks again for your help. And, for reading my ramblings.

Thank you for all of this information- much appreciated! Will check out the Parachute and the Naturepedic, as well as the Brentwood Oceano.


You may want to try an adjustable base for your hip pain. I found that raising my feet slightly while sleeping on my side helped alot with my hip pain. I mentioned it to the sales lady at Naturepedic and the next time I was in the store she mentioned she had tried it and it worked well for her also. Unfortunatley a pillow between the knees doesn’t work for me. The adjustable bed allows me to try different heights in small increments until I get some relief. I think by raising both legs together (and I only need to go up a small amount) it somehow takes the pressure off the hip joint.

Amazon has some reasonably priced basic adjustable bed frames.

Thanks, Marshmallowforme.
I have actually been pondering a split king to allow for the option of an adjustable base on both sides; I have not found the pillow strategy to work either. I appreciate your sharing for I had still been on the fence regarding an adjustable bed. Amazon does have a few, as well as Costco. Brooklyn bedding also has a couple on sale. It does limit my mattress choices, though, simply because it adds to total cost. I hope to come to a decision on the mattress piece soon. And will most likely persue the adjustable bed piece.

Thanks again

We have two different brands. The reason is that one raises the legs like a platform. Similar to this one.

The other is a Lucid L100 (2019) and it raises the legs with a bit of a bend to the knee. The 2020 model appears to be more like a platform. They both have pluses. The high knee raise is great for lounging. I prefer the platform raise for sleeping on my side with the feet raised a bit. You can get several different leg heights for the Lucid L100 by contacting the company which was a big plus for us as we don’t like really high beds. For our other bed we took the legs to a machine shop and had them cut down.

The brand we have for the platform style leg raise isn’t manufactured anymore so I can’t link to it. But it was the Signature Sleep Gold Power Adjustable Base. I bought it for $194 and then another one for my mom at $174 over the holidays.

The Lucidl100 was $358 but also got cheaper over the holidays to $279 when they were clearing out the 2019 model. The split king was $475 (two twinXL bases) so really a deal.

We went with the all metal after trying two brands that had the fabric, plywood and foam with associated outgassing smells but many reviews don’t mention a smell and my friend bought one with the foam skirting and hers had no odor. My advice is to find some brands you like and then keep an eye on them for model year clearance sales around the holidays.

Sam’s Club had a good return policy and free delivery for a very reasonable price. Their price was fairly consistent as I don’t recall holiday sales but it gives you a good bench mark.

Thank you, marshmallowforme:
The info about the types of beds you got and why you got them was helpful, especially the note about the legs raising on a platform vs. bended knee. In a perfect world, I’d have both, but, for sleeping, think platform raise will work best. Will start there.

Also, thanks to all for the mattresses with microcoils info- ordered a Brentwood Oceano- will report back on how it does. Unta: Thanks for providing the link. (Also, saw a new thread today with someone asking for experience with the Brentwood latex hybrid. Hope the mattress is working well for you.)

As far as the adjustable bed- hope to order one this weekend. Am hopeful an adjustable bed will help with the hip and neck pain. Perhaps I’ll even be able to sleep on my back again with the help of an adjustable bed.