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Hey Amigos,

I found this forum after I started looking into buying a new mattress and realized I had no idea what I was looking for :lol: . Fast forward through reading through the overviews and the wealth of info Phoenix filled me in on and we get to where I am now, the membership list.
I reside in California and would much rather order my mattress online as to avoid salesmen. My big question for Phoenix or anyone else who has experience with the trusted members area, who seems to be the best people to go through for a quality futon mattress? I was really interested in Beloits’ website and futon pricing/selection, but when I went to search there online store for shipping prices the futon area was empty :side: .
When I have a bigger budget I will definitely be going through with purchasing an actual bed, but for now a quality futon will have to do.

I appreciate any advice and constructive criticism!

Thanks again Everyone :slight_smile:


Hey guys, just hoping on some helpful advice. If I made a mistake in my initial entry please let me know, I’m new here.


Hi djsmattress,

As you can see in post #1 here (which is the most important post on the forum for anyone just starting out looking for a mattress) … I think that ordering online without any local testing so that you know you are comfortable with the materials and general design of the mattress you are considering would be a big mistake. To be clear … it’s not the ordering online that is the mistake … it’s ordering online without local testing first. You may as well throw a dart at a wall and hope for the best without having a general idea of the types of materials and mattresses you prefer. I think the goal would be to avoid the worst salespeople … but seek out the better ones.

If you let me know your city or zip in California I’d also be happy to let you kow of any of the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in your area.

I think the line between a futon and a mattress these days is rather blurred and “fuzzy”. Most of the research on the site is into mattresses but some of the retailers and manufacturers listed may also carry futons. You may need to do some extra research into some of your options and spend some time on the phone talking to people specifically about futons if that is the direction you are most comfortable with.

Post #2 here includes some futon manufacturers and sources that may also be helpful.


Hey Phoenix,

Yes definitely, I was planning on going into different stores and checking out materials, but was uneasy because I’m interested in a futon mattress as opposed to a normal bed mattress. I figured before I made any moves I’d throw some questions up on the board to have a better idea of what I should look for. I’m in the San Jose area. I saw the Santa Cruz location, but it’s a little difficult for me to get over the hill with my car right now (bad water-pump).

Yeah that’s where I was having issues. I saw the make up of the futon mattress with the foam and then one with the springs and a third with what looked like foam inside the springs on the Beloit site. I was like, “I’ve been missing out and my futon mattress sucks if this is what’s now available!” haha. Alright awesome, I’ll research the link, make a few calls, and report back.

Thank you Phoenix,


Hi djsmattress,

Beloit is one of the members here which means that I believe they are among the best quality/value in the country and they are also very knowledgeable and experienced about what they make and sell. For those that are close by especially they are well worth talking to and paying a visit.


Alright! good to know, I will start my calls with Beloit.

Thanks again Phoenix,