Hi gcrain,

Thanks for the suggestions … I appreciate them!

Now that the site is earning a livable income as the manufacturing membership grows it’s unlikely I will add a second tier of consumer membership because one of the original goals was to always make the information here free for consumers. I did consider it at one point but it just doesn’t “fit” what I wanted to do (although I did add the “hidden” paypal donation button a few months ago because of the many requests I received … and for which of course I’m very grateful.

I also have considered an ebook over the years (and am still considering it) but there are several additions to the site that will happen over the next year or so that would likely replace the need for it although I may still do something along those lines when the current additions I’m working on are complete (although that may be a year or two because I’m only about half way through doing what I wanted to do in my original 5 year plan when I first started the site). 16+ hours a day doesn’t always leave much time to take on any additional projects except very slowly or when some of the current plans make more hours available.

Keep the suggestions coming though … all of them are always being considered and while they may take some time to implement in one way or another as they rise to the top of the priority list … most of them will become part of the ongoing plans for the site over time :slight_smile: