Memory Foam Comfort, Fliptop bed Review

So here is a little back story on how I decided to purchase a bed from I was just about to order a bed from, since this company was rated very highly on and they offered affordable memory foam mattress.

Before I do any purchases online, I try to find as much information as I can on the company that I am looking to buy form. I decided to Google bedinabox reviews, and this is how I stumble on this website (mattress underground or MU). My Google search brought me to a article on MU that discussed the different type of material that companies use to manufacture there mattress and a certain user (Phoenix, which I believe to be the owner of MU) said that usually the higher the ft/lbs rating that the more durable the mattress usually is. Look on MU for more information on this subject.

This is one of the main reasons that I decided to choose the memory foam comfort fliptop bed instead of the one from

From my experience, if you do decide to contact to ask question, place a order, ect… You will most likely be talking directly with the owner of the company, which was a big plus for me also.
After sleeping on the bed for a few weeks now, I would say the overall comfort of the bed would be comparable to a tempurpedic bed but with a much more affordable price. I cannot comment yet on the overall durability of the bed since I have only been using the bed for a few weeks but so far so good.

The owner of the company also sent me two pillows (1 latex and 1 memory foam) which are extremely comfortable.
I can say that from my experience this company was able to offer me excellent customer service and that the owner is extremely quick at answering questions and working with you.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a memory foam mattress in Canada.


Hi Matt#15,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and feedback about … I appreciate it.

As you know I think highly of their knowledge and transparency and I think you certainly made a great quality/value choice.

Most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: