Memory foam mattress confusion! Help!

My husband and I are currently looking into purchasing a memory foam mattress but have found ourselves very confused with all the choices out there. We currently have a pillow top mattress that has formed a dip in the middle making the bed very uncomfortable to sleep in at night. I am a side sleeper so my arms have been falling asleep at night because the outside is higher then the inside of the bed so I am constantly rolling over on my shoulder and cutting the circulation off.

We have visited a variety of mattress stores and have found that we like the memory foam mattresses the best. We would love to purchase a tempurpedic cloud but unfortunately we do not have the means to spend that much money on a mattress at this time. So we have been looking into comparable brands and styles of memory foam mattresses but have found ourselves puzzled on which one to choose. We have been looking at the 10 inch sleep innovations featured on amazon as well as the icomfort by Serta. We had the chance to lay on the icomfort this weekend at mattress firm and loved that it had a happy medium between being plush but yet still firm.

I think where the confusion sets in is that we noticed that Sams club has a Serta by Sleep Innovations 10 inch gel memory foam mattress for a fraction of the cost at $499 in comparison to the icomfort at mattress firm running about $1299 - so we were wondering what the difference is between these two mattresses if there was one at all because if we can purchase pretty much the same mattress for the fraction of the cost then we would like to do so!

The sleep innovations 10 inch memory foam mattress sold on amazon seems to also be pretty consistent in reviews - so we were confused which would be the better purchase and if this would be the same mattress as the one featured at Sams since it says its a serta by sleep innovations.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone can give us! If anyone can recommend a better mattress comparable to the tempurpedic cloud we would love to know!

Thank you!!

Hi Jthomp24,

There is some information in this thread and in post #12 there are a few options for online memory foam mattresses that I consider to have good value. This is an area where I am currently doing a fair bit of research and there will be a few additions to these sources in the next while.

The best source for mattresses including memory foam is of course local manufacturers who make them and sell them factory direct so if there are any in your area, that would be the first place I would look. If you would like a list of any that I know of that may be near you, just let me know the city that you live in.

While the Sleep Innovations is certainly inexpensive enough … with a mattress like this I would first check into the return policy because if you end up not liking it, the costs and effort to return it may be more than the mattress is worth. It also doesn’t list the density of the memory foam used which means that the quality or how long it will last you is unknown. If is less than 4 lbs I wouldn’t consider it at any price. I would tend to avoid any mattress that doesn’t include good information about the memory foam or base foam they are using.

The 10" gel memory foam Serta at Sams Club also doesn’t list the density of the gel memory foam used but if I had to guess (based on educated speculation) it would be the same as the sleep innovations versions which are around 4 lbs. If this is the case, then they are lower quality than the Serta iComfort and do not have the same layering but they certainly are an option worth considering only because if they are not suitable for you then there is no risk because of the Sams Club return policy. Comparing them to the iComfort however is not an apples to apples comparison.

If I was going to order a 10" mid quality memory foam mattress from Sams Club, it would be this one which uses 4 lb Aerus memory foam which is one of the most breathable memory foams available and is good quality for a 4 lb memory foam.

Some of the options listed in the thread I mentioned earlier would have similar layering to the Tempurpedic cloud series however each memory foam and every different type of foam underneath the memory foam will have a different feel … even if the pressure relief and support is similar. At least with some of these options … the feel can be changed by re-arranging the layers or in some cases exchanging the layers after you have received the mattress.