Memory Foam Mattress - Tempur-Pedic Rhapsody

I recently purchased the Tempur-Pedic Rhapsody from a local dealer. When the first mattress was delivered we discovered a hole in the mattress cover. The store decided to replace the entire mattress rather than just the cover so we agreed and they delivered.

The first mattress was very, very firm just like we expected after reading about the “break in” period. I barely sank in at all during the first night sleep. When I sat down on the edge of the bed it would barely move. As a matter of fact, I was worried it might be too firm.

The second mattress is noticeably softer. As soon as I lay down on it, I sink in about two - three inches. When I get up I can see the indention where I was laying start to move back to it’s natural form. It feels like my mid-section is sinking in further than my head and legs as though I were sleeping on a hammock. Another thing, my wife’s side of the bed feels a bit more firm than mine. When I sit on the side of this one it also sinks down very easily, almost like sitting on a cushion.

Is this normal? In my in-experienced mind, I figured that memory foam mattresses of the same model would be very similar to one another.

Thanks for any feedback.

Hi infotech,

While Tempurpedic is not the best “value” … to their credit they are very consistent about their foam specs and have among the tightest tolerances in the industry.

The slow recovery that you noticed is normal for memory foam.

With memory foam … ambient temperatures and humidity can also affect its response and some of the other factors mentioned in post #2 here may account for the difference between them.

It’s also possible (although I certainly wouldn’t jump to this conclusion) that your mattress was replaced with a floor model that was already broken in. The manufacturing date is on the law tag so you can see if it’s more than a few months old.

In any case … while anything is possible in “theory” … it’s unlikely that the materials in the two mattresses are any different. Assuming that the model is the same (which you can also check on the law tag) it’s more likely to be other factors than the mattress materials themselves.


Thanks for the information. The date on the tag is 7/31 so it is new, fortunately. It was delivered in about 95 F 90% humidity. It has firmed up a bit since then so I’m going to stick with it for a while.

Hi infotech,

The memory foams in the tempurpedic are quite tempurature sensitive so a consistent temperature and humidity level in your bedroom will help.

I’m glad to hear things are a little better :slight_smile: