Memory Foam or Latex Topper/Help


Shopping for a memory foam/latex topper to place on a tempurpedic simplicity

mattress(medium) twin xl.

I am 6’3" 220lb.
I am looking for a softer feel.

Am I better off using two different toppers in poundage,ie, two
inch five pound and two inch four pound? Or one topper 3 or 4 inches?-Memory Foam

Same concept for Latex?

How do ild/idl ranges equate to firmness/softness?-Memory Foam
ild 12 soft feel?
ild 14 firm feel?
Mush below 10?
So 4lb or 5lb density would have same feel if ild the same?

What topper spec do you all recommend ?From whom?
Go with national topper made in US or one made regionally in US?
Where to find Topper ratings?


Hi larsen,

The choice between latex and memory foam would be based on personal preference. I would strongly encourage you to try some latex to make sure you prefer it over memory foam if you choose to go in that direction.

How a topper feels will change depending on the specifics of the mattress underneath it and on your body type and sleeping positions. In general though I would keep things as simple as possible and choose a single topper because it can be difficult enough to choose one topper much less how two unknown toppers will feel for you. At the very least I would choose a single topper that is as close as possible and then add a second if your experience indicates that you need a little more softness yet.

I would also keep in mind that any topper used on top of memory foam will reduce the heat that reaches the underlying memory foam which will tend to make it firmer so that’s a “moving part” than may affect your choice as well.

If your mattress is just too firm and you are just looking for some extra softness and pressure relief then the topper guidelines in post #8 here may be helpful in choosing a topper that can provide the extra pressure relief you need with the least possible risk to alignment (thicker toppers have more risk of replacing a pressure issue with an alignment issue). It also includes a link to some of the better topper sources I’m aware of.

The short answer is it doesn’t because the ILD of memory foam is not a particularly meaningful spec because it changes according to temperature, humidity, and the length of time it’s compressed and ILD testing with memory foam is not the same as the ILD testing for latex. The “feeling” of firmness of memory foam has as much to do with it’s temperature response and response time as it does with its ILD. You can read a little more about how they compare in post #2 here. The chemical formula of memory foam also changes how a particular type of memory foam feels and responds so two memory foam toppers of the same density can feel and respond differently (see post #9 here and post #8 here).

Outside of testing a specific topper on a mattress that is the same or very similar to yours … the best approach would be to use the guidelines in combination with conversations with knowledgeable manufacturers or retailers you are considering so they can provide you with more specifics and some guidance about the toppers they offer. The exchange or return policy of a topper purchase may also be an important factor to consider with a topper purchase in case you make a choice that is less than ideal.


thank you.
Unsure to go with a sensus 5lb 3inch or an Aerus 4lb 3inch.
Leaning towards aerus 4lb but rep recommends sensus 5lb due to my weight.

What do you think?


Hi larsen,

If you are dealing with a knowledgeable and experienced retailer or manufacture and you have had a more detailed conversation with them on the phone then I would tend to follow their guidance.

5 lb memory foam is generally more suitable for higher weights (once you are over about 200 lbs or so) and is more durable as well but there is no formula that can predict with certainty which one you will do best with until you sleep on it so “best judgement” is really the only way to make the choice with the highest odds of success.