memory foam or latex

hi side sleeper here weighting 228 lbs do alot of flipflopping, have a simmons bianca that starting getting body impressions after a couple of years, of course not enough to use the warranty, was wondering if memory foam or latex would be a better way to go, was also considering the original mattress factorys serenity

Hi Burchsrange,

The choice between memory foam and latex is really one of preference. Either way though … it’s important (especially with memory foam that has a wide range of quality and feel) that you know the quality of the materials and that no matter how high the quality of materials that you choose a mattress that is suitable for your needs and preferences. With your heavier weight … the quality and durability of the materials in the upper layers of the mattress (normally the weak link of a mattress) is especially important.

There are some guidelines here that will help you avoid lower value choices and you can read about the pros and cons of latex here and the pros and cons of memory foam here. Of course your own preference between the very different properties of each material (or even a combination of the materials) will play a big role in your choice between them and your initial testing on mattresses will help you decide which you like best.

High quality/density memory foam and latex would both be more durable than the thick layers of softer low density polyfoam that is in the upper layers of the Bianca.

The OMF temptation uses very high quality memory foam and would make a good choice in terms of quality and value if your testing indicates that it is a suitable choice for you.

They also make two talalay latex mattresses but they are both on the softer side and may not be indicative to how other types of latex layering may feel for you. They also tend to put their mattresses on “active” box springs which will make them feel softer than they would on a firm non flexing foundation so you may want to try each of them on both types of foundation (testing them on an adjustable bed would be similar to a firm non flex foundation in this regard).


hi just tried a sleepys simmons comforpedic phenom luxury plush that feels great, but cant find anything to compare it too seems all the simmons comforpedics have different names with differt companies so cant check them but i doo like to no quicksand feel of the comforpedic

hi burchsranch,

Multiple names is just one of the techniques they use to make meaningful comparisons difficult or impossible ad part of the reason that Simmons (and all major brands) and Sleepys (and other chain stores) are both choices I would not include in your research (as per the guidelines I linked in the last post). The Comforpedic uses some low quality memory foam (3.5 lbs) which would be very risky with your greater weight and Sleepys is more of a marketing organization (like most chain stores) that has little interest in answering the types of questions that make better choices even possible. There isn’t a single mattress they carry I would consider. These are the types of outlets and major brands I would completely avoid.

Even the worst quality materials can feel great in the highly managed environment of a showroom … they just don’t stay that way for as long … especially when low density memory foam is used for greater weights.

There are many other choices that can “target” the PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) you need and prefer.

In terms of both value and quality of materials … the Serenity is a much better choice (assuming it meets your needs and preferences) and if you let me know the zip or city where you live I’d be happy to see if I know of any other better options in your area.


@ Phoenix

Hi- I just found the forum and I am very happy about it! I am also planning on a foam or latex mattress. I am in Providence, RI. Can you suggest a supplier in my area?


Hi MarcM,

Post #2 here includes the manufacturers I’m aware of that are closest to you. Post #2 here also has many links with some feedback about some of the manufacturers on the list.

Hope this helps