memory foam smell

I have a new memory foam pillow but before I put it into service I’d like to try to de-stink it. Looking for suggestions. Should I put outside over night to let it frost/freeze or will it just keep on offgassing?

Hi TD-Max,

The smell will normally dissipate in a fairly short period of time with use anyway but putting it in a well ventilated area or room for a few days or squishing and compressing it fairly regularly to break open any remaining windows in the foam and then letting it ventilate may help speed it up. I wouldn’t put it somewhere where it may absorb moisture and then freeze. Other solutions that have helped for some people are a sheet of febreeze in the pillowcase and a bowl with some vinegar near the pillow to absorb the odor. Normally it’s just time and use that will first reduce and then eliminate the odor.