Memory Foam Solutions mattress toppers

I was wondering if anyone has experience with them? They seem toh ave good reviews on Amazon, but I don’t see much info on them otherwise. I looked for any older threads with info on them, but didn’t see any. So if anyone has experience, it would be appreciated.


Hi Aleins4u,

There are some good and not so good choices on Amazon and which this is depends on the accuracy of the description and on a few other things you can check.

  1. You can ask for the shipping weight of the product to confirm the density of the topper.

  2. I would make sure that the memory foam is CertiPur certified (or an alternative certification which has some credibility) because this increases the odds that it is at least “safer” and made by a more reputable foam manufacturer. This one has been certified by PURGreen (see post #12 here) which doesn’t make it bad but there is no set of public standards about what PURGreen tests for and it is mostly a testing protocol used by a single company and it’s subsidiaries (Woodbridge) although they are at least North American (Canadian) based.

  3. I would also ask the vendor about the type of memory foam it may be in terms of all it’s properties (response rate breathability, temperature sensitivity etc and you can see more in post #9 here) so that you can get a sense of where it is in the spectrum of the many hundreds of types of memory foams that are available and whether it will “match” the type of memory foam that you may prefer.

  4. 4" of memory foam is very thick for a topper and how suitable this may be for your needs and preferences will depend on many factors including the layering of the mattress that it will be used on. If your comfort layers are too thick (including the topper) there is an increasing risk that you may be trading pressure relief (which won’t likely need this thick a layer of memory foam in addition to the mattress you have) for reduced alignment and support (you could be too far away from the support layers of your mattress and some of the softer foams that are in the top layers may effectively become part of your support system which could lead to alignment and back issues).

So I would tend towards a bit more research just to make sure that a memory foam layer this thick (in combination with your mattress) is “as advertised” and suitable for your needs and preferences.


Thanks Phoenix! I’m still unsure on whether to get 3" or 4", but I’m generally a side sleeper and I’m a bigger guy (6’1", 200 pounds), so based on that, somewhere in the 3"-4" range seems right for me.

The bed I currently have is just a plain old spring mattress (though it remains in good condition and isn’t too old). I was looking into getting a memory foam or latex mattress, but right now I’m only 25 and I still tend to move around more than I want, and don’t know where my life will go. Don’t want to buy an expensive mattress today and find out in a year and a half that my wife can’t stand it! So with those two things in mind, I figured just getting a cheaper topper would satisfy my needs now without spending a lot of money for something that may quickly grow outdated.

I visited a mattress store the other day and laid on a few different mattress varieties (tempopedic, latex (not sure the specifics on how much latex on that one though), the Sealy Optimum series, and a few others). I definitely like the Optimum Inspiration the best, with the 2" gel memory foam layer followed by the 3" memory foam layer. The rep wasn’t able to tell me the density of the memory foam though. Based on that, I figured the 4" memory foam would be the best fit, and of course their 5 lb density being the most durable they had.

I will e-mail the seller and see if I can’t get any questions. I’ve narrowed it between this foam vs. the Sensus memory foam at Rocky Mountain Mattress (as a plus, I’m a NCer, though I am on the other side of the state). I feel quite certain that the Sensus stuff is undoubtedly better, but I’m not sure if it is good enough to warrant the monetary difference between the two.

I’ll try and post any response I get from him here. If I don’t get one, well, I’ll probably go with the Sensus just because I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Hi Aleins4u,

Don’t forget this will be going on a mattress which would probably have some soft foams or material on top of it so the combined thickness of the “soft stuff” all together would be your comfort layer and with 4 additional inches it could be risky for alignment. It may also create quite a deep cradle which will be more “motion restricting” and heat retentive than you prefer (although this will depend to some degree on the properties of this specific memory foam). It may be quite different from the type of memory foam used in the Optimum.

Memory foam can be a bit tricky because there are so many different types and while North American memory foams will tend to be good quality … they can have very different properties and I would tend to err on the side of caution regarding thickness.


Phoenix, have another question in regards to the support of the mattress. Say I got like a 2" memory foam topper for my old mattress. If I got something like a 3" latex topper and put under it, how would that effect the support/comfort? The one I was looking at was 25 IFD. Just curious if this would be a plausible solution to provide comfort and support, or if you think it’d cause more problems than anything else

So my mattress would end up being

2" 16ish IFD memory foam topper
3" 25 IFD latex topper
Spring mattress
Box spring foundation

Hi Aleins4u,

The support layers of a mattress are the deeper layers (like the innerspring) and only have a secondary role in pressure relief and comfort. The upper layers are the “comfort” layers and have a secondary role of filling in the gaps in the sleeping profile not “deep” support which “stops” the heavier areas of the body from sinking in too far.

So in your case … you would be adding two comfort layers and not a support layer to the mattress. What this could do is turn the soft layers on top of the spring mattress (that used to be the comfort layers) into your support layers and of course they would be too soft to do a good job for this. You would in effect reduce the effect of the innersprings which are the part of the mattress which is designed to be the support layer.

So how well this would work would depend on the layering of the spring mattress and how much soft foam was on top of it. If it is too firm … then an extra soft layer can add extra pressure relief and comfort. If it has become too soft … then adding a topper won’t solve the real source of the problem and while it may have a limited or partial effect … it would only temporary solution at best.


Well I got an e-mail back on the topper and it was, unsurprisingly, not helpful at all. Didn’t answer a single question I asked
Oh well. As a result, I went with a 3" latex topper from

With that said, I just have one more question Phoenix. Know anywhere that sells quality bamboo covers (for just a topper, or the whole mattress)?

Hi Aleins4,

Post #4 here (with various DIY sources) should be helpful :slight_smile: