Memory foam topper and latex

I am looking at getting a latex mattress from Arizona Mattress. I wanted to try memory foam to see if I like it, so I put a 2" topper on my current spring mattress and, given its only been a few nights…I love it. I like how I dont really sink in much. I am leaning towards a 6" latex base and a 3" Talalay GL slow response comfort layer. Do you think it would have a similar feel to the coil mattress with a 2" memory foam topper? I like how I dont get that quicksand sinking feeling like I did when I was trying Tempur mattresses. My other consideration is to get a normal talalay comfort layer (2" or 3") and add a Talalay GL slow response topper. What are your thoughts?

Hi bwomp,

This is really not possible to even guess because I don’t know what’s in the top layers of your mattress under the memory foam. It seems to me though that it would be fairly different in some ways at least because these are two very different designs. With only 2" of memory foam … the “feel” of whatever was underneath the memory foam would come through more and this is probably some type of polyfoam and this layering would be different from a typical memory foam mattress or from the mattress you are considering.

Having said all that … based on the feedback I’ve received … the talalay GL slow response is firmer than typical memory foam and you don’t sink in as much. I would talk with Ken (or Greg) though because they work with this every day and would have a much better idea of how the Talalay GL slow response would compare to memory foam … especially with latex under it which would add to the resilience as well.