Memory foam topper for back/side sleeper.

Hello! I just recently purchased a new gel memory foam mattress, the softest one I could find, but it’s still too firm for me.

I’m F 130lbs, significant other M 220. The topper is mostly for my benefit, since he has his own bed.

When I try to sleep on my back, only my hips and upper back touches the bed, leaving my lower back aching. My boyfriend however doesn’t have the same problem and tells me his entire back is contoured and comfortable.

When I try to sleep on my side, My shoulder still digs into me more than I would like. I really don’t like the feeling of floating on top the mattress and would rather sink in.

I thought a mattress topper would help, but I can’t decide which thickness and density memory foam to buy. I would prefer gel for the coolness but I’m open to regular memory foam as well. Mattress is 14in, so anything 2-4ins would be perfect.

Advertised mattress layers:
Pure-o-pedic Chiro Paradise
Top:2in HD Ultra Soft REM Memory Gel
Middle:3in HD Cool Temp Flex Memory Gel
Bottom:9in HD Chiro-Balance Support Foam

Thank you so much in advance, sorry for the wall of text!

HI ToffeeBear,

I’m surprised to hear that even with 5" of memory foam you still find this mattress to firm for you. Our Cumulus memory foam mattress has only 4" of 5lbs memory foam and some sleepers find it too soft. Personally I’d find a local source of 2" or 3" / 3lbs memory foam in the softest compression you can find. The thicker you choose the more you’ll sink into it. It’s important to note that our bodies take time to get used to any new sleep surface and that the mattress will soften during the break-in period that takes approximately 3 months.

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do

All the best

I ended up ordering a 2in 3lb gel memory foam topper with an IFD of 10-12.

It was a bit firmer than my mattress’ comfort layer but my shoulders sunk in sooo much better. He complained about sinking in but it was bliss for me, haha.

I’m tempted to buy another inch or 2 in the future if I can find anything even softer to put on top. Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

HI ToffeeBear,

That’s GREAT news! I’m happy you found relief and comfort with the soft 3lb memory foam.

Happy Dreams :wink: