Memory foam

What I am looking for is a good mattress, foam type im thinking. Im also not against any suggestions.

I read on here that I should look for some high quality foam local retailers but I do not not how to find these. I am located in Neosho, mo. 64850 zip.

I know I should be looking for something around 5 lbs/ft. I weigh around 235.

My criteria is this:

  • 5-10 year lifespan
  • Breathable (I sleep hot)
  • My current mattress is a Spring Air Chrisma Back Supporter. (discontinued) This mattress was comfy and held up
    for about 7 - 8 years im happy with it but want to try something new. Ive been looking at the icomfort line. They seem
    real good but i read your review and that discouraged me. Im thinking Tempurpedic type quality but not price.
  • Minimal breakdown

I look forward to your suggestions

Thank in advance

Did you copy my earlier post? haha

actually some because you asked almost exactly what i was going to. As you can see i added what was important to me. Thanks for noticing. :slight_smile:

Hi 2006moy,

Like your question … my reply is almost identical to my reply for Burgalicious in post #2 here except of course the “list” of outlets that are within a reasonable distance to you. With your higher weight … it is also especially important to make sure that your mattresses uses high quality foams and I would probably focus on memory foam of 5 lbs or higher.

The factory direct manufacturers I know of that are within about 100 miles or so of Neosho, MO are … Local manufacturer in Fayetteville and Rogers, AR. They have no website but I have talked with her and they’ve been making mattresses for 68 years. Makes mostly 2 sided polyfoam but can make latex and memory foam as well. Said she has a 40 year old piece of latex that people can try if they want but nothing on the floor because its too expensive. No web presence and the location in Rogers is the head office.

404 | Furniture Row Joplin, Springfield, MO, and Springdale, AR. They are a regional factory direct manufacturer that makes a range of mattresses including their iChoice which is a “mostly latex” mattress with either a memory foam or latex topper. They disclose all the information about the materials they use in their mattresses and are typically good quality and value (and certainly better than mainstream brands). I would avoid the major brands they also carry. Edna, KS. Local factory direct manufacturer in Edna, KS. They make innerspring and latex mattresses and can custom build but their site doesn’t mention any memory foam models but a phone call will confirm whether they can build these. I haven’t talked with them but they fit the profile of the type of manufacturers that would have better quality and value.

Harness Mattress Local factory direct manufacturer in Harrison, AR. They make innerspring and memory foam mattresses and also carry several mattresses made by Sleeptronics. Springfield, MO. Carries their own line of mattresses that they designed and made by the Restonic factory in Springfield. They can also as custom sizes available. They can also do some custom builds (see post #1 here). When I talked with Brian (the new owner) he confirmed that they will provide any of their mattress specs that their customers need. Joplin, Springfield, MO and Shawnee, KS. They are a sister company to Springfield Mattress and make a range of innerspring, latex, and memory foam mattresses that they designed and are made by the Restonic factory in Springfield along with some Sleeptronic mattresses. They are in a little more premium budget range than Springfield Mattress and they will also provide any information their customers need about the materials in their mattresses and will also do custom builds.

Some other local possibilities near Neosho that may be worth including in your search (I’ve listed the brands they carry that I would consider) but would require a phone call and some further research to make sure that they can and will provide the details of what is in their mattresses (along the lines of this article). Unless you are dealing with a retailer that understands the importance of providing good information about the layers in their mattresses (specifically foam densities with polyfoam and memory foam and the type of any latex that they use) … there is no way to know it’s quality or value and mattress shopping can become a time consuming and frustrating exercise with no way to make meaningful quality/value comparisons between mattresses and a high possibility of paying too much for a mattress. Retailer in Joplin that seems to be knowledgeable and carry better value smaller brands including Eads Brothers, Noah’s, Golden, A&M Mattress, and Justice that may also be worth including in your research.

There are also some additional options in the Tulsa, OK list here.

Hope this helps


Thank you for the quick response. I spent about 2 more hours reading on here. I liked the mattress guide you quoted above. I actually also liked the information on here about Talalay latex from latex intl. I never had read much about this type of mattress before.

I really like the information on this site. I will look into the information you linked above. Appreciate it much.