memphis, tn

looking for a new mattress in the memphis, tn area… Any recommendations for a local choice? If anyone knows anything about the luxepedic I would b grateful too.

Hi lipoo,

Some of the better options in the Memphis area that I’m aware of are in the second part of post #2 here.

Some thoughts about Luxepedic are in post #9 here.

If you are looking to purchase a memory foam mattress online … then post #12 here has some good options.

If you are not necessarily looking for memory foam but are looking to purchase online … then post #21 here has a list of the manufacturing members of the site that specialize in providing the kind of help and guidance on the phone that people may need in making the best possible choice and have great quality and value.

I would tend to look locally first though because personal testing on a mattress is less risky and can be more “accurate” than an online purchase but the online outlets are always available if a local purchase carries enough of a “premium” that the extra “risk” of an online purchase is well worth considering.


Thanks for the advice, we found a local factory here - Fraenkel’s. They carry the englander brand , and we r looking at the all latex, natures finest 12 in. mattresss. Much better prices overall. I hope the all latex will b good!

Hi lipoo,

As you mentioned … Fraenkels is an Englander licensee. They are headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA and have a warehouse in Olive Branch, MS but I didn’t realize they had a presence in Memphis. I also didn’t realize they had factory direct outlets because their site says they don’t sell directly to the public so if this is an actual Fraenkel outlet that sells factory direct I will certainly add them to my Memphis list.

Englander makes a very wide variety of “standard” mattresses and many house brands sold by retail outlets across the country so what they offer can vary from area to area. They tend to use good quality Dunlop latex in their mattresses and also make many two sided latex models but like most of the larger licensees it’s especially important to make sure about any polyfoam or other materials that is in the mattresses above the latex or mixed in the comfort layers. As you mention … with some of their better models they can certainly have better value than some of their larger brand competition although they may not be in the same value range as many smaller independent manufacturers.

The key is to make sure that you know the materials that make up all of the 12" of the mattress so you can make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses. For example the 12" Nature’s finest 6000 listed here has 6" of latex and 4" of polyfoam (they say it is HR which can be verified by finding out the density of the material) which if true is also a high quality material but not in the same cost and value range as latex. It would also be important to know where the polyfoam is layered (above or below the latex).

So depending on the price you are paying and on the layering and materials in the mattress besides just the latex … it certainly could be better than average value in your area.


It says 100% natural latex, so i dont think it is blended, the latex seems firmer than the memory foam beds with firmer edges too - is that generally true? You have to know someone with an account at Fraenkel also. They r very accomodating though. Its right outside memphis.

Hi lipoo,

The latex that Englander uses is 100% natural Dunlop latex so the latex itself is not blended but some of their mattresses also use polyfoam on top of the latex.

If the law tag only lists latex then there would be no polyfoam in the mattress and it would be a good choice (depending of course on price and whether it meets your needs and preferences in a mattress). If the law tag says it also has polyfoam … not just 100% natural latex … then I would be hesitant depending on the thickness and the quality/density of the polyfoam layers. The model I linked earlier for example uses 100% natural latex (Dunlop) but it also has 4" of polyfoam which would be the weak link of the mattress.

Are you looking at the law tag on the mattress or just a description that says the type of latex that is in the mattress?

As you mentioned … Frankel only sells wholesale to stores so you would need a “connection” with an account to buy directly from them.