Metal angle iron frame and plywood for Latex Hybrid mattress?

I have a typical metal angle iron Cal King bed frame and want to make a proper foundation for a new Nolah Latex Hybrid mattress. Is putting a couple pieces of 1/4" plywood on the bed frame good enough to be a foundation?

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Plywood can provide support for latex, with two caveats: 1) Do you have center supports on your Cal King frame? A king size latex will need center supports in the middle to prevent sagging. 2) You will want to drill some holes in the plywood or provide some other form of ventilation so that the latex can breathe.
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Thank you for the two caveats to using plywood. I don’t have middle supports but I can add them. I understand about ventilation. I have a question, the mattress I want is a hybrid construction, so wouldn’t there be good ventilation around the sides through the coils?


Hi krisswanson,

You are correct, there is some airflow within the innersprings, however the ventilation from slats benefits air circulation around the bottom surface area of the mattress, to prevent damage or any mold forming, as there is commonly a higher density foam ‘base layer’ on most hybrids. Proper slats & slat spacing can solve both issues!

~ Basilio

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Great point. That makes me want to find a foundation with slats that I can elevate to give me 18" of space underneath for storage. I’ll start looking. Any suggestions on foundations that can be elevated that high would be fantastic. Thanks for the help.