Metal frames with 3 in slat spacing?

Just purchased a Simply Modern (brentwood home) hybrid 12 in gel foam mattress and thought the hard part of shopping was over. I was informed by the seller I need a breathable slatted base with slats 2.5 in wide and less than 5 in spacing. Ideally I’d like as small spacing as possible for as much support as possible. I would prefer a metal base vs a wood slat to avoid warping or low max weight capacity. I can’t seem to find any metal bases that have spacing less than 5 or 6 in, however. Is this an impossible search? Are the grid metal bases as supportive as a small spaced slat base? Should I just ditch slats altogether and go with a solid base? Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi RC123.

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I’d definitely default to what the retailer suggests. Besides providing adequate support and breathability, buying the incorrect base for you mattress can change the feel and potentially void the warranty. So, be sure to check with the manufacturer or retailer prior to making a purchase to assure that your warranty remains in tact.

Wood slat are unlikely to warp or bow if you buy one that is quality and made to support the weight of your mattress. That’s not to say what you’re looking for doesn’t exist, it’s just less common. This slatted metal frame has 2" between slats, for example.

Grid bases are supportive, and as stated in our best foundations for all foam mattress resource, a metal wire grid base with a non flexing or “semi flex” wire grid with narrow gaps and a strong fabric on top to even out the support surface (to help prevent the latex from sinking in to the gaps in the wire grid surface over the longer term) can also work well but over the longer term may allow the foam to sag into the gaps between the wires.

I hope this helps! I’m happy to look at any bases you come across.