MFC Presto Classic - My Sad Story - Be Careful Before you Order

After months of research I finally I ordered a Presto Classic Mattress from. MFC .
Soon after placing the order I was told that the 2 Free Latex Pillows which are included in the Purchase are not available and I was refunded $60 in total .
But when I checked Online, the retail price of Latex Pillows on their site is $89 for one. So I should have been refunded $178, but they only agreed to refund $60 total saying that the wholesale price is $30 only.
In my opinion very under handed tactic and customer should be informed in advance if the product is not available. Even till date their site shows that the order for Presto includes 2 free latex pillows. Not ethical.
One week after the order I was told that now the 4lb Foam used in the mattress is not available so they can make it with 3lb Foam but ofcourse there is no price decrease.
This is really strange. If you are decreasing the quality of the foam used there should be a price decrease as well.
I felt that I was being taken for a ride, so decided to get the refund .
Thankfully I did get my refund and have now decided to look elsewhere.
Wasted a lot of time in the process