Midwest Mattress in Des Moines (IA), Restonic TempaGel and Leggett & Platt S-Cape Wallhugger kudos!

After a great deal of reading, learning and digesting on here (thanks, Phoenix and other contributors), and talking to Mattress Underground member Midwest Mattress (4 stores in Des Moines, IA area) owner Joe Luhman and his store managers in many conversations, we went to Des Moines (2 hours away from my home in Omaha, NE) two weeks ago and tried 3 different models of the of the Restonic Nevada Latex mattress line, and 3 brand new models of the Restonic TempaGel (Restonic’s answer to the Serta IComfort gel mattresses) gel foam line, which were the Revive, the Rejuvenate and the the pillowtop model. My whole family went with us and we spent 90 minutes trying the different mattresses. All four family members chose the Rejuvenate model (latex foam support layer) as our favorite (although we really liked the Latex mattresses, as well), and we ordered side-by-side Leggett and Platt S-Cape Wallhugger adjustables with the Restonic TempaGel Rejuvenate Twin XL models to adorn them! We then patiently waited for our mattresses to get built in Toledo, Iowa at the Restonic manufacturing plant.
Yesterday, Joe Luhman and Midwest Mattress Ankeny, IA Store Manager Dave Spalding delivered our bed on their day off, along with the identical bed to a friend of mine that ordered the exact same set-up, for free, and took away our old bedding for free, as well.

  1. Adjustable beds are INCREDIBLE! Demo one, and buy one
  2. Gel Foam (and/or latex foam) mattresses, after you pick the right combination for you, are the only way to go for a mattress at the present time. Cooler, longer warranty, Outlast/NASA technology on the Restonic (visit their web site) and more bounce than the standard memory foam mattress. I slept last night better than I have in years after they hauled away my old Omaha Bedding Company innersping mattress and it sag spots!
  3. Midwest Mattress (and I assume the other approved member retailers here on on the MU that are deemed worthy by Phoenix) was incredible, saved us thousands over the big manufacturers that use lesser materials but have high prices to cover their huge ad budgets. Call these people, visit these people, learn from these people and use these people as opposed to other bedding retailers out there don’t know and don’t care what you need or that they are selling.

At 51 years old, and being the owner of several retail businesses of my own, it was refreshing to work with people that cared, communicated, and delivered all that they promised, as well as a two nice Twin XL covers and two Serta IComfort scrunch pillows with a retail value of $260 that were a nice surprise!

If you are shopping for mattresses, you really need to look at the Restonic TemaGel and Healthrest Latex mattress lines for the $$ value, and if you are anywhere near Des Moines, IA, you need to call Midwest Mattress for your mattress needs.

Thanks for your great site and your great members and the information that led me to a great bed at $1500-2000 less than a “comparable” (not really) Serta IComfort.

Sleep well!

Hi Kelley,

Thanks for such a great and informative review.

I always appreciate reviews that go into more detail about the “why” behind your choices because as you mentioned this is where the better manufacturers and retail stores really shine. Outlets like Midwest mattress can turn mattress shopping from an expensive exercise in frustration into a joy and knowing where to go and why can often help people much more than knowing what to buy (which is part of our personal needs and preferences).

So thanks again … and most of all … Congratulations on your new mattress (and adjustable bed) :slight_smile:


You are welcome for the review!
The Restonic Tempagel bed gets better each night as it breaks in, and we figure out positioning on the adjustables.
It is nice to crow about a positive experience with a great seller of a great product when those experiences are so few and so far between these days.

Phoenix, it was cool to see this review helped another person trying to learn!

Joe Luhman from Midwest Mattress just checked in with me to see how we are enjoying our bed purchase. Service just doesn’t get any better than this!

I am moving this thread to the top for a freind of mine from western Iowa to read! Thanks

this review certainly helped me out. i went and tried out a couple of tempagel mattresses after reading and I am very much sold. I just wish I could get the other 2 contenders out of my head :slight_smile:

Hi Guitsumsleep,

It will probably help to remember that how a mattress feels and performs in a year or a few years down the road will be just as important to you then as it is now and lower quality materials won’t keep their comfort and support as long as higher quality materials.


Special thanks to your review I went with the restonic a s-cape combo as well. Patiently awaiting the arrival of the s-cape. Did you guys build the frame yourselves or was it all setup for you? Thanks!

Hi Guitsumsleep,

I’m not Kelley of course but it’s a good time to jump in and say congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve had a chance to sleep on it.