Minimum requirements for latex mattress for heavy weight

My husband and I are in our 70’s. He weighs about 295 and I weigh about 175. Our income is from Social Security, so we cannot spend thousands of dollars on a mattress, but are hoping to get a decent mattress, preferably latex, at least on top. What would be the minimum core layer thickness (guess it would have to be 1.8 polyfoam for cost reasons) and the depth and firmness of the latex layer you would recommend. We currently have a Comfortair air mattress, with memory foam in the pillowtop, that is worn out and leaking - has to be pumped up every night and still we wake up with aches and pains (though perhaps that is normal at our ages). We are both strictly side sleepers.

I have been considering the Dreamfoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams through Amazon, but wonder if the comfort layer would be thick enough. We live in the South Bend, Indiana area, and find it difficult to get out to shop, but may try to get to Michiana Mattress in Goshen, as they seem to have reasonable prices and will build anything we want. We also considered Elkhart Bedding, but their standard mattresses have only a thin layer of latex.

Thanks for your helpful site!

The pure latex bliss hybrids are nice and reasonably priced. I liked the Harmony. I ended up going with an all latex model, but if money had been a larger concern I would have gotten the harmony.

Hi Cat Lady,

Some of the theory of mattress design and how it relates to different weights and sleeping styles is linked in mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here but it is only generic and not specific to any individual. Your own careful and objective personal testing following the testing guidelines along with knowing the specifics of all the layers (to make sure the mattress has no obvious weak links) will tell you much more about the suitability and quality of a mattress than trying to identify a minimum thickness which is not a particularly meaningful spec in any mattress. The only meaningful answer is “it depends” on how all the layers and components interact together and with each specific person. Every layer affects every other layer in a mattress so looking for a certain “spec” without knowing how it works in combination with all the other materials and components in a mattress is rarely meaningful.

When you are heavier, I would tend to make sure that both the support layers and the comfort layers are firmer and higher quality than the “average” because firmer materials in both (and especially in the comfort layers) will tend to be more durable and suitable and will feel softer than they would for lighter weights. In some cases and with some types of mattress it may also be worth considering a thicker mattress and post #14 here has more about this. I would also consider a strong innerspring with good quality comfort layers as well as a latex/polyfoam hybrid if they are available in your area.

You may have seenthis already but just in case … the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the South Bend / Fort Wayne area are in post #4 here.


if you feel like a bit of a drive up US-31 you can head up to buis mattress in holland. they will not cost thousands (though more than $1,000); delivery will be an issue for you unless you have a van or pickup. i am dealing with this as i live in detroit. it’s worth the effort for me. also, i used to live in elkhart, so i know your area very well.