Mississippi Mattress Buying

Wonderful forum. I appreciate your efforts to educate instead of market.

I live in the Jackson, Mississippi area and am looking for a king-size mattress for my wife and me.

I weigh 220-240 lbs. and sleep mostly on my back and sometimes on my side.

My wife weighs 130-140 lbs. She sleeps on her side and stomach.

We would like to spend less than $2000 on the mattress, foundation, any needed protector pads, and shipping.

For the last two years, I’ve slept on an “off-brand” (no tags?) Innerspring full-sized, double-sided mattress my wife has had for seven years. The mattress is firm (which I think I like), but is less comfortable than it was when I first started sleeping on it. A full-size mattress is too small for both of us. I wake up with sore legs occasionally.

From 2007-2011, I slept on a Simmons Vanderbilt Felicia Firm Pillowtop Queen Size Mattress purchased from Macy’s. I went into the shopping experience with no knowledge and little time. The mattress was comfortable for about six months. I thought it was barely passable; my wife hated it. It didn’t make the trip with us to the South.

Do you have any updates on Mississippi mattress options since this this previous post and this previous post?

Thanks for your insights.

Hi Foamparty,

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

There is a “Jackson, MS” list in post #2 here which is up to date as far as I’m aware.