Before I found this site, I ordered a Leesa mattress. It hasn’t been shipped so I don’t think it is too late to cancel the order. From everything I can find there seem to be better options. So I guess my questions are as follows. Are the other options (listed below) probably better or absolutely better? If they are only probably better should I just wait to the Leesa to get here, test it for 30 days and then try something else? Or should I go ahead and cancel the order and go with something definitely better now? If I did go with something else, it would probably be 1 of these 2:

  • Nest bedding Love & Sleep Mattress
  • Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress Ever
    When we tried mattresses in-store we preferred the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Prima and our current mattress is way too hot.

Hi dneal,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

The specifications for both the Love & Sleep Mattress and the Best Mattress Ever are listed here in the Simplified Choice Thread. Both of these mattress use more durable materials than the Leesa. Both Brooklyn Bedding and SleepEZ are site members here, which does mean that I think highly of them.

While I can’t tell what mattress might be the “best fit” for you, you should always make sure that you find out the information listed here so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the durability guidelines here to make sure there are no lower quality materials or weak links in a mattress that would be a cause for concern relative to the durability and useful life of a mattress before making any purchase.