Hi Phoenix,

I’m looking to buy the Harmony gel infused memory foam mattress. I saw your post from July 2012 generally speaking about Mlily and it didn’t seem as if they had published too many specs at the time.

The product that I’m looking to purchase contains:

Bottom layer: 6 inches of “higher resiliency” base foam.
Middle layer: 2 inches of UltraCore rebound foam.
Top layer: 2 inches of gel core.

They also claim they use bamboo charcoal and plant based oils. Not sure if that even matters.

Are these specs still too vague?

Overall thoughts? I was wondering how the Mlily brand has fared since the post from 2012.


Hi lucillesur,

You can see my thoughts about them in post #2 here. They are among the “better” Chinese memory foam mattresses IMO. A forum search on mlily (you can just click the link) will also bring up more information and feedback about them.