Mod a 10" Botanical Bliss Med

I’m hoping you can help with a Plushbed question… I’ve sort of given up with them… just not that knowledgeable and seem to follow a script and rigid about doing anything outside the formulaic bit… I have a 10" queen botanical bliss med with orthopedic platform so no sagging boxspring underneath. I’m 175 and mostly a side sleeper… the 10" Med Botanical Bliss is mostly comfortable, but in the mornings I notice that I can’t get a comfortable side sleeping position… hips sink slightly too far, but if top layer was any firmer, pressure relief would drop off. I’m thinking it’s not the 3" comfort layer of med/soft Talalay on top, but a support issue with 6" core OR the lack of a 3" transition layer in the 10" model. Plushbeds won’t sell me the 3" dunlop transition layer that comes with their 12" and instead points me to a 3" med firm Talalay layer for over $500 that they claim is the equivalent and to use this as the transition layer… can you help with this? What would you do? Because I just feel like the 10" model is underspecd and kind of lame without a transition layer. Does any of this make sense?

So this was kind of lengthy, but with alignment issue, am I better off replacing medium firm core with firm core or adding a transition layer of med firm 3" Talalay?

I’m experiencing a version of the quote below, but have a 10" Med with 3" med soft Talalay top layer so better pressure relief…

“It is a 9” medium-firmness Botanical Bliss from Plushbeds. Unfortunately, it was a very uncomfortable first hour of sleep that forced me to move to my couch. The mattress was simultaneously too firm and too soft. It was too firm because, as a side sleeper, I felt a lot of pressure on my hips and side of my rib cage. It was also too soft, because I felt my hips sinking more deeply into the mattress than any other part of my body, forcing my lower back to be out of alignment."

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Sorry to hear of the troubles you’re facing in terms of transparency with Plushbeds. Unfortunately, that’s all too common with bigger brands; they won’t share transparent information under the guise of keeping it safe from competitors but it’s generally just that they’re using lower quality components and don’t want that broadcasted to an education audience.

I agree here that a transition layer could be a useful solution. How odd that they won’t sell you the 3" Dunlop - is it because they don’t offer it for individual re-sale?

Honestly, if you want the 3" Dunlop, I’d just find it elsewhere like with DIY Mattress. Talalay and Dunlop feel inherently different so…they’re giving you strange advice.

I’d say started with the layer you want, and get the data points you need. From there, you can make additional adjustments if necessary based on actual data points after sleeping on the transition layer.