Monoco Gel vs. Christeli Versailles, help me choose

Hello everyone, I am about to buy a memory foam mattress, thanks for the large community here and all the hard work that has gone into it. I am looking to compare between the Monoco Gel and the versailles by Christeli.

I am looking for something very budget, less than 600 if I can help it. I can go over but would prefer to stay around $600 or less. I am looking for a firm memory foam mattress. I believe both of these would be a good budget mattress to buy. I am a little heavier around 250lb, about 6, 2". I am seriously considering just buying the Monoco Gel since it is about $300’s cheaper than any other comparable product. Is there any recommendations you can offer, like the cheaper mattress will not offer enough support for a heavier person, or it will be much hotter than the alternative, etc. etc. Thank you all for you help and I understand you cannot tell me which mattress to buy, I am just trying to figure out why there is $300 difference, and If i should just buy it. Most of the other memory foam mattress I was looking at where closer to $1000 which is more than I wanted to pay, but Im sure are all great. Thanks again for your help.

Edit. The Regina NameBright - Coming Soon is $300 more for what seems like very little benefit, so I have disregarded buying it, but if there is adequate reasons for increase in price, please let me know.

Hi carreaue,

Both the Christeli and the Restava use good quality materials with 3" of memory foam over a good quality base polyfoam and have no obvious weak links. The Christeli has 3" of 5.3 lb memory foam and the Restava has 2"of 4.2 lb gel memory foam and an inch of 5 lb memory foam so the Christeli has slightly higher quality/density memory foam in the top layers. Both would make good choices in terms of quality/value as long as they were suitable in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences).

When you have eliminated all the worst options (which you have) and you are down to final choices between “good and good” (which you are), then there are no longer any obvious “better and worst” choices except based on the specific personal criteria and tradeoffs that are most important to you. Post #2 here about making final choices may help.


Having spoken with both manufacturers this week, I might add that it does seems the low end memory foam mattresses are all on the firmer side. The Stockholm from Christeli would be comparable to the Monoco Gel at Restava, and Christeli wanted to sell me the Versailles ($663 in a queen) as a somewhat softer option–which if you are dead set on memory foam might be a good call.

However, what I am currently leaning towards is the Latex-Topped DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Latex at $599 in a queen. I would suggest giving Chuck a call (his number at the bottom of the page on that link). He is a member-company of the Mattress Underground and he was the most helpful of anyone I have spoken with regarding mattresses. The real advantage of this mattress over the two others is that you can pick the firmness based on Chuck’s 1-10 scale which he will explain in terms of ILD if you are familiar with that measure.

Now if only I knew how firm we need a bed to be…

In case your still shopping, I found the best deals (and ended up buying from) James at Austin Mattress. Give him a call and ask for the “mattress man special”. He had way better options then either Restava or Christeli.