Montgomery Mattress

Do you know anything about Montgomery Mattress in Ardmore, OK. He makes and sells mattresses. It is closer than the Oklahoma City manufacturer listed on your site. Your site has been very helpful albeit somewhat overwhelming with information.

Hi csmiley,

I am aware of them but their website has no information about their mattresses and I haven’t had the chance to talk with them. They are 100 miles away from Oklahoma city and about 200 miles from Tulsa so they have been outside the search area for the OK threads in the forum (until yours :)). EDIT: You can see some comments about Montgomery Mattress in post #5 here.

The best way to avoid “information overload” is to focus on the manufacturers or outlets that already know what you would otherwise need to learn if high quality/value outlets didn’t exist in your area. The more they know (and are willing to share with you) the less you need to know. While I consider the members of this site to be among the “best of the best” manufacturers or outlets in North America … and they have the product, value, knowledge, and service that even those that have done little research of have little knowledge will come away with a very high quality/value mattress that fits their needs and preferences … I also haven’t had the chance to talk with every manufacturer who may also deserve to be among this group and this is an ongoing process as I learn more about them and they learn more about this site and my values and goals.

I expect that the total membership of this site will eventually grow to about 50 (or perhaps slightly more) manufacturers or outlets in the coming few years and there is a way to go until that is reached and the membership list is what I would consider to be “close” to complete. Even now I still occasionally discover a manufacturer that I didn’t even know existed through either my own research or a member of the forum.

If you choose to visit Montgomery Mattress and include them in your research … I would love to hear your comments about the experience and any assessment of the value and service they offer or any specifics of the mattresses they make that you find out.

Since you have mentioned them … I will also make a point of talking with them when time permits so that others in your area can have an idea of what to expect.


Thanks so much. I will talk to Mr Montgomery and find out What I can.