More about Coils and The Old Fashioned Mattress..anyone miss the simple days

What happened to the good old days of a simple comfortable mattress? I feel the consumer didn’t know what they had until companies started using cheaper everything, and people have lost sleep and now question what their mattress is made of and how it is made. What were the standard matress made up of 20 years ago?
I an inquiring to know what the mostly common coils used are on the market today and 10 years ago?
Also, can you please educate me on the difference of coils, their benefits, and also specifically the Legg and Platt Comfort Edge Coils, and the Bolsa coils.
Thank you,

You mean the barbed wire offset coils that had metal ends everywhere and the springs would claw out and start scratching you when the mattress went bad. Also had wire going across the mattress which I’m sure was great for motion transfer as well as making lots of noise.

individual pocketed coils makes some sense to me , as to some degree they can each function independently, and the ones under your butt for example can compress a lot, leaving the others “relatively” free. It makes some sense for support. But the wires going across the top of the coils , connecting them all together , made zero sense at all. With those wires, when the coils under your butt are compressed down far, the wires will just pull other sections down too, taking away optimal contouring effect, .

The pocket coil design was patented by Simmons decades ago and has since run out which is why you now see them everywhere. It’s just a better design that can contour more to your body curves and also reduce motion transfer because the coils are wrapped in fabric instead of wires connecting each coil like they do in traditional Bonnell coils. Steel coils need to be stronger on the edges because the more you bend steel the weaker they become. Having 2 coils doing the work of one creates that stronger edge which is what the Quantum Edge is all about but it also allows for it to be rolled and compressed without damaging the edge support.