More Questions - Brooklyn Bedding, Restava, and Christeli

It seems like every time I turn around I spot another mattress company worth taking a look at as I’m getting closer to purchase time!

I’ve read a bunch of the threads on Christeli here recently, and they seem to make a very good product at a very competitive price with Brooklyn Bedding, Select Foam, and Restava who I’ve been considering heavily.

That said, I have a few questions on what I’ve seen and been looking at.

  1. Has Christeli been asked to become a member of the site? They seem to have a product that I would expect to see, and have an interesting twist with the separate base and comfort layers.

  2. Knowing what you do about Brooklyn Bedding and Restava, I’ve been considering the BB PureCool Symphony and Restava Delano/Astoria. My one concern with the Symphony is the 3" layer of 4lb memory foam under the 1" 5.3 lb layer. Is that a weak spot? And also, between the two do you think that the PureCool would be a cooler sleeping mattress than the Delano/Astoria with its phase change gel vs what Restava uses in their gel memory foam?

Thanks again in advance, I have learned so much from reading the website and all of the postings!

Hi Osahar,

No … I’ve never talked to them about membership here.

No … I don’t consider it a weak link and higher density memory foam over a lower density memory foam will add to the durability of the deeper layer although in higher weight ranges I would lean towards reducing the amount of medium density memory foam in a mattress as one of the factors I would consider.

I don’t know of any meaningful or specific comparative information that is available anywhere that would allow a consumer to compare the specific sleeping temperature in different mattresses so I would tend to consider the advice of a knowledgeable manufacturer that has your best interests at heart and who is familiar with the specifics of their materials and the feedback from their customers to help you decide if a mattress would be a good choice in terms of temperature regulation and would be “cool enough” for you. In addition to this … most foam manufacturers don’t provide enough specifics about their foams (such as the percentage of gel) even to mattress manufacturers much less consumers and there are also many other variables that can affect the sleeping temperature of a mattress outside of just the type of foam it uses which can be just as important as the type of foam itself (see post #2 here).

I think it would be fair to say that neither one would be likely to have an issue with sleeping warm for most people (especially compared to more traditional memory foams) and it would also be fair to say that the memory foam in the PureCool series would be more temperature regulating (in both directions) than the memory foam used in the Cool series because it uses several technologies to regulate temperature in both directions (breathability, phase change materials, and thermal conductive materials) which adds to the cost of the materials and is why they are more costly than their Cool series.

With these types of questions where there is really no quantifiable answer it’s more a matter of “informed best judgement” because you won’t be able to find out a specific answer based on specs or specific comparative testing between two mattresses.