More Topper Questions

Phoenix - can’t tell you how much this site has helped. I was originally shooting for an airbed however quickly changed my mind after doing research for about 2 months. Was wondering if I can get some advice on how to proceed. I certainly realize the PPP and know everyone’s different, but for some reason this has been a stumper (think I just all caught up in decision making).

I bought a latex mattress with a medium core and 2 inch soft topper. I soon realized that the topper was a bit too soft and switched the medium core to the top and softer topper to the bottom (really nice feel now). So I would like to get further height in the overall mattress - my furniture just doesn’t work well with 8 inch mattress plus the cover. I am looking to add another 3 inch component.

My question is this? I know that the firmer the bed is for me, the more comfortable I am. I like the feel of medium but am wondering if I purchase a 3 inch firm topper and put in on the bottom - whether that would firm up the mattress and to what degree.

If I purchase another 3 inch of medium latex and place that on the top - would it make much difference in the feel of the mattress?

My third option is to purchase a layer of high quality foam (not latex) and place at the bottom. No matter what, I am very happy to be sleeping on latex. It is funny since I used to be a stomach sleeper and over the years on my older mattress went to more of the side sleeper. Since I have had the latex mattress I am back to a stomach sleeper and liking it!

Thanks so much for your input.

Hi Chloe41,

It would probably make the mattress softer because even a firm foam layer would have more give and would be softer than what the mattress is currently resting on (either a foundation or a platform bed). I don’t know how much of the additional softness you would feel though with an additional layer that deep in the mattress where it wouldn’t be compressing very much. The firmer the foam the less likely you would be to feel it but no foam will be as firm as the solid non flexing surface it would be replacing (unless you are using a foundation that has some flex to it).

Probably yes … it would make it softer. There is more about the effects of thicker layers or a thicker mattress in post #14 here.

If you do decide to go in this direction the firmer or more rigid the foam the less effect it will have on the mattress

I don’t know what your mattress is currently resting on but if all you want to do is add some additional height then a rigid non flexing slatted bunkie board (see post #4 here) may be worth considering.


Thanks so much Phoenix!! I never thought of the compression issues. I have a KD foundation with slats less than 3 inches. I truly believe that it has made a difference in being able to support a mattress. In fact I obtained it prior to getting the latex mattress and it made a difference even with my previous coil/spring mattress.

I’ll do some thinking to determine if or what type of additional latex/foam to purchase. Thanks again!!

Hi Chloe41,

I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up deciding. There are some sources where you can buy some firm polyfoam in post #4 here if you decide to go in that direction.