Morgedal Mattress with Sultan Torod Topper. Or something else entirely?

Our spring mattress started sucking after only 4 years. We tried a memory foam topper, and while it made the bed nice and cozy, I didn’t like the feeling of sleeping in wet sand. Furthermore, the spring mattress was too limp and squishy. We traveled a few times last year, staying at Airbnb rentals. For some reason, all the mattresses were firm. We slept well. Time for a new, firm mattress, right?

We were curious about latex mattresses, so we went to Ikea to try a few. After laying and bouncing around the mattresses and mattress toppers (dragging different toppers on top of different mattresses) for close to two hours, we impulsively bought the Queen medium-firm Morgedal and the Sultan Torod latex topper, liking that particular combo. Having read that latex lasts for a long time, our reasoning was that we could replace the Morgedal every few years (or as needed) and continue using the topper for a much longer period.

Why did we not buy the all-latex mattress? It seemed a tad too firm and it was kind of expensive for Ikea. I don’t know. It made sense in the store. Maybe the Swedish meatballs screwed with the logic center of my brain.

Cue the second thoughts.

We have not slept on the mattress and topper yet as we are still airing them out. Ikea has a generous return policy, but I feel weird about sleeping on these mattresses and then returning them, so I’ve been researching to see if there are better options.

Is buying an Ikea foam mattress with a higher quality topper, with the idea of replacing the foam every few years, even a good idea? A foam mattress with a topper built in can’t be flipped like a foam mattress with a separate topper, so my brain tells me a separate base would last longer. If this silly reasoning, can you explain to me why?

The latex topper was $350, which seems like a decent enough deal, but I was bummed to discover that the cover doesn’t come off. There’s a zipper but there are buttons attached through the latex, so you can’t actually remove the cover. (Not sure what the zipper is for!) My husband has allergies, so the allergy-friendliness of the latex was a good selling point–does not being able to wash the non-latex cover make that point moot? After doing some research, it sounds like I can get a better quality 2" latex topper from or KTT with a separate washable cover for a comparable price.

I plan to get a separate bed bug proof zippered cover for the Morgedal. I’ve never had bed bugs, but living in a major city, I feel like it’s probably inevitable. The latex is naturally bed-bug proof (right?), so it wouldn’t need a bed-bug proof cover, I figured. Might as well leave it as airy as possible. (bed bug covers don’t breathe that well.) Thoughts?

I’m embarrassed to click “submit” because many of you are so much mattress-savvier than me. I’m sure I sound clueless. :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m lost in a rabbit hole of endless conflicting research and I can’t seem to get out, so I’m hoping for some direction from some kind folks to help me narrow down my research. Anyone?

Lindsay Jean

Hi LindsayGenius,

Ikea doesn’t have a return policy but they do have a 90 day exchange policy.

A mattress/topper combination can be a good idea if you have tested the combination in the store to make sure that it’s a good match for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) so you don’t have the additional risk of trying to guess which topper would be a good match for you on a specific mattress (see post #2 here). The advantage of this strategy is that you can replace just one part of your sleeping system without replacing the other if your needs or preferences change over time of if one part of your sleeping system softens or breaks down before the other.

A mattress (or sleeping system) will tend to soften and break down from the top layers down because the upper layers compress the most and absorb most of the compression forces from sleeping which breaks down a material. A topper will also extend the useful life of the materials underneath it. The durability of a layer depends on the type of material as well as the position of a layer in a mattress so it’s possible that the base mattress under your topper will last longer than your topper.

A two sided mattress will be more durable than am equivalent one sided mattress if you rotate and flip it on a regular basis but as far as I know the Morgedal is one sided (see the pictures here) so it can’t be flipped anyway.

Most people would use a mattress protector which can be removed and washed so it’s not really necessary to clean the cover of a topper or a mattress outside of spot cleaning. If you prefer a different type of latex or a different topper then both KTT and have some great quality/value options available but there would also be some uncertainty involved because they would be a different type of latex and possibly a different firmness level and they may not be as good a match for you on your mattress in terms of PPP.

Latex isn’t bed bug proof no and bed bugs can live in any material (they usually hide in seams in the mattress or cracks in the walls or other hiding places in or near the bed). There is more about mattress and bed bug encasements in post #2 here.

Almost everyone that comes here is in the middle of a steep learning curve so not to worry. The only silly questions are the ones that aren’t asked :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, Phoenix. This site has truly been enlightening.

I think I was misled (not intentionally, I’m sure) by the person working at Ikea when I asked if these items could be returned. “Yes, within 90 days!” I should have double checked that it wasn’t exchange only. The policy is there clear as day on the website.

And it’s NOT flippable. Oy. Rookie mistake number 2! I assumed because it was all foam that it was flippable. Are any of them flippable? The Morgongava? Malfors?

There’s the Myrbacka, a foam mattress with a built in latex topper. We did not get it since we figured flipping the Morgedal and Torod separately would result in a longer lasting “unit.” Can you think of any reason not to return these two items for the Myrbacka?

Maybe we’ll reconsider the Morgongava after all. Has anyone here bought one? What did you think? I know it hasn’t been out long, so there isn’t much information about it online that I can find.

Well! Looks like I’ll have to stick with Ikea in the meantime and cross my fingers. At the very least, it will teach us a little more about what we like and don’t like, so we’ll be better equipped next time we get a mattress. Thank you so so so much!

Hi LindsayGenius,

The Morgongava, the Malfors, and the Moshult are all two sided.

There is more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here but the most important part of “value” is how well a mattress (or a mattress/topper combination) matches your specific needs and preferences in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) so this would be my main consideration.

Other than this … if both are a good “match” for you in terms of PPP then a mattress/topper combination also has the advantages that I mentioned in my last reply.

The Morgongava is very similar to the previous Sultan Edsele and a forum search on Morgongava or on Edsele will bring up more comments and feedback about both of them.