Hi Phoenix,

I’m trying to finalize my decision between either Flobeds vzone or purchasing locally (Sleeptec…liked the mattress, but don’t like the price!)Cozypure might get thrown in as an option too.

Anyways, was reading some on-line postings and came across a post with someone complaining about feeling all movement from other side of their Flobed. (some comment about feeling spouses nose twitch :ohmy:
Have read so many wonderful reviews about Flobeds, but this comment does worry me a bit.

I’m a light sleeper and am trying to find the best solution giving the most motion isolation. I think memory foam might be best, but def. not going that route…

Is it possible that dunlop or talalay might be better for optimal motion isolation?
Note: We will have a king skize bed with split latex as he prefers firm and I prefer a little more plush.

Also, will ‘softer’ latex ‘jiggle’ more therefore increasing feeling movement?
Is it better (or worse) to have a thicker base layer? Ie. 6’’ base plus other layers on top?

The Flobed we’re looking at is 3+3+3’ vzone + 2’’ conv. topper .
Sleeptec Euro 4 is 4+4+2
Cozypure has options with 6" + other layers.

Any insight on this as to what might provide the best possible motion isolation?

Thank you again for your valuable help!!!

Hi Lisa.mocha,

Most people would agree that latex is good at motion separation and second only to memory foam. Some people though are more sensitive to the “feel” of some of the more “vibration” types of movement rather than the larger movements that most people mean when they refer to motion separation. There is more about this in post #4 here but for most people this wouldn’t be an issue … especially with a quilted cover.