movable base units from Mattress discounters

Here California, there is a civil code section 1723, which states, that a retailer must post their return police in a conspicuous place if is a policy which is limited to either no return, or exchange for credit…

I post this because, when you buy a bed from Mattress discounters, they give you a 120 customer comfort guarantee and give the customer the impression that this includes the entire bed, which of course is the base unit also. Well, they do not accept the base unit returns it seems but unless they post this discrepancy in the store, I think the law will be on the side of the buyer in California

Hi axplayer,

While Mattress Discounters isn’t a store I would visit because all they sell is major brands (which I don’t recommend looking at) … I appreciate the information so that others don’t encounter the same issue.

Did you exchange a mattress there that required a different base from the one you had or where your base unit was no longer suitable for the mattress?

Usually a base unit is not part of a “comfort exchange” and can be used under your new mattress as well … at least in most cases.