Moving a King Size Bed

I am planning to get a king size bed, but concerned about moving the mattress when I move in about three months. Beyong that, I move pretty regularly. Every 6 - 18 months. I have a girlfriend and two dogs and a Queen isn’t cutting it. And my girlfriend would kick me out of the bed before either of the dogs.

What has your experience been moving a king size mattress? Is it as hard as I think its going to be? Can you fit in in a UHaul trailer? Any input appreciated. I like the idea of memory foam, but there are options for king latex that has the base layer split in halves, which would make it easier to move. Thanks!

Hi bwomp,

I think that more than anything it would depend on the type of mattress.

Innerspring mattresses are generally more rigid (except for pocket coils) and easier to handle and lighter. Foam mattresses are a little more difficult because they are more floppy and when you get into an all latex mattress it is not only heavier yet but it’s the floppiest and hardest of all to handle. The easiest way would be to put it in a cardboard mattress box which would make it a lot easier to carry.

I don’t think that any of them would be enough of an issue that it couldn’t be done by two people (with more difficulty in the case of an all latex mattress without a box) if it fit in the UHaul either on its side or flat on top of other contents that were reasonably flat or even folded carefully and covered in plastic.

Of course components and a zip cover would be a lot easier because all you’d have to do is fold each layer or half and/or thirds and then cover and carry each component separately in any box that it fit in.

I personally don’t think that the ease of moving it would be a major part of the decision I made because you will be sleeping on it for a lot longer than you would be moving it :slight_smile: