Moving with a King Latex mattress

I have a MFC Maoli King Size 6inch latex mattress and I’m moving. What’s the best way to safely transport this without ripping it or anything? It’s very heavy and unwieldy to handle. It’s only a short 30 minute drive to my new place. Any advice? Thanks.

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I have reached out to expert trusted memberMFC for advice, and @Mario says that you only need to fold the mattress in half, wrap it with some saran wrap and plastic wrapping, that will protect it during transport. Hope this helps and congratulations on your new move, fries! BTW, cool username :wink: .


While Uhaul sells mattress sized bags, you can also use plastic lawn bags from the hardware store to store the latex layers in after they are rolled up. If you do decide you want to vacuum seal it, I have a video herehere on the process. Just learn from my mistake and don’t get the leaf bags with handles. Ha.