Moving with a Latex Mattress

My husband and I are currently looking into latex mattresses in Arizona. We plan to visit SleepEZ and Arizona Premium before we buy. In addition to the standard concerns about the comfort of a mattress, we move across the country quite frequently, every 2-3 years. I have noticed that some latex mattress come in more pieces/layers than others. Is one type easier to move? Are there special considerations when moving latex such as how it needs to be stored in a moving truck or temperature?

Hi bas,

A layered latex mattress can be taken apart and moved in layers so it may be a little easier (lighter) to move in separate parts. On the other hand some may prefer to put the mattress in a cardboard mattress box so it can be carried all at once (latex is very “floppy” and heavy so the rigidity of the box would make it easier to carry but it would need more than one person).

If you take it apart and move it in components … I would handle it carefully and cover and protect each layer separately such as by rolling it up and putting it in a smaller box or covering so that it doesn’t get caught on anything sharp and snag (latex can tear fairly easily) and is protected from exposure to light which can degrade latex (although in the short time period of a move this wouldn’t be as big an issue unless it was also being stored).

The “enemies” of latex are ozone and ultraviolet light, various fats and oils (including body oils and any petroleum products), and tearing. Either way … careful handling is a good idea.