Multi-Purchase Discounts/Promotions?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Interwebs,

I come to you today to hear about your experience(s) with striking a deal/getting a discount by buying multiple mattresses or mattress accessories. I'm also interested in any constructive commentary on my potential options. I have read through most of the information on this site but of course I am human, so I appreciate extra insight where I may have missed something. The only thing I probably haven't done to date, research-wise, is to go to a store and actually lay on different types. (hopefully I'll get to do this soon - suggestions on good b&m stores for this is appreciated)

To give you some initial background information, I am currently looking to purchase one(1) queen and two(2) twinXL beds (mattresses only - we have platform bed frames).

Stats to be Consider
Queen Bed:

  • Single (one person)
  • 180lb side sleeper
  • Medium preference

TwinXL Beds:

  • Single (one person each)

  • 115-145lb (they probably sleep every which way (thirteen years old))

  • Medium preference

    Basically I am on a budget, as I just bought a new house and I am not able to spend a fortune on mattresses. The three of us have slept on cheap spring mattresses for the past 10+ years and due to recent infestations(bed bugs) we’ve decided it’s time for something new to go with our new home.
    So, again. The question is - Can I get a favorable deal by buying three(3) mattresses at once somewhere?
    I am currently entertaining as the absolute max I am willing to spend (around $2k for all three with gel). This being said, I am leaning more toward something like this Ultimate Dreams

I sincerely appreciate all feedback - buying a mattress is indeed a harrowing process that I hope to conquer with all of the wisdom you people of the internet have to offer! B)

Hi Schurke1337,

Any multiple purchase discounts would vary from place to place and would depend on the policies and pricing of each manufacturer or retailer. The best way to know about any one in particular is to call and talk with them.

You can read my thoughts about bedinabox in post #2 here and I would tend to be very cautious with or avoid any mattress that had more than around an inch or so of lower quality/density materials in the comfort layers (such as 3 lb memory foam).

Dreamfoam is one of the members here which means I believe they are among the best quality/value available and blended Talalay latex is a very high quality and durable material in a comfort layer.

If you let me know your zip code or the city you live in I’d be happy to let you know of any better options or possibilities I’m aware of in your area. Hopefully you’ve also read post #1 here as well which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices.


I certainly understand this :wink: ! I may not have expressed myself concisely here… I would like to know of other people’s experiences in this type of situation where they’ve made a deal successfully for their own purchases. I guess I really asked two(2) questions in this post then… :whistle:

I will definitely review this information. I appreciate the quick-informative response that you seem to always give ! :slight_smile:

I’m located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hi Schurke1337,

Hopefully some of the members here that have specific experiences with multiple mattress purchases from the manufacturers or retailers they purchased from will read this and share their experiences with you.

My only caution would be to make sure you make meaningful comparisons based on your personal value equation and the specifics of the mattress materials and construction at any “final price” because in many cases the “value” of a discounted price may still not be nearly as good as another manufacturer or retailer that doesn’t provide a discount for a multiple mattress purchase because they are already at the lowest possible price they can provide (although I would always ask if I was buying more than one mattress).

Some of the better local options in the Pittsburgh area I’m aware of are listed in post #2 here.