Murphy Bed Mattress

I’m thinking of buying an Ultimate Dreams (10" full) from Amazon, Ultra Plush, for a Murphy Bed in a guest room. I can’t convince my wife on Latex foam or buying a mattress online without trying it first, for our main mattress, so I thought I’d “test” this mattress in the guest room. It shows to be 70#, will this be OK on a Murphy Bed? 70# doesn’t sound too heavy to me, and lifting from one end it should feel lighter. Is setting a foam mattress on its end good (or bad) for it?

She really likes the feel of the Serta iComfort Insight. :frowning:

Hi tcat007,

I would think it would be fine but the most authoritative source of information would be the manufacturer of your murphy bed because they would know more about the specific weight limit of your murphy bed.

It’s not “good” for a mattress but it also shouldn’t be bad if the foam layers are glued (which they are in this case) and it should be fine. Again though the mattress manufacturer would give you the most authoritative answer because they are more familiar with the finer details of their mattress and whether any of the layers may shift over time than anyone else.


Thanks, but no name on the bed. Most of the research I’ve done says 1750# or more for Murphy beds, so I’m sure the weight shouldn’t be an issue. More concerned about the full 70# of the foam pushing down on itself when upright, but the base is not memory foam, so shouldn’t really compress too much. Will be upright 95% of the year (unless wife keeps snoring) :lol:

Hi tcat007,

I would also have no doubt that 70# would be fine.

If the mattress is secured so it doesn’t “sag” into the frame or fold over when it’s upright that it should be fine as well (as you mentioned the polyfoam used in the base layers of memory foam mattresses are much stiffer than memory foam).

It may compress a bit and become a little shorter with extended upright positions but this will correct itself when the mattress is flat or with a bit of re-adjustment.

Barring any specific reason to suspect otherwise … I personally wouldn’t hesitate to use it in a murphy bed.


Ordered (2 day Amazon Prime), so should be able to review this weekend.

Hi tcat007,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your update when you receive it.


Received Ultimate Dreams (10" full) from Amazon today, Ultra Plush #8. It’s for a guest bed by will likely try it out tonight. My first impression is that it’s a very nice mattress for the price. Not nearly as heavy feeling as I though it would be. Murphy bed lifts with no problem at all. My wife likes it! She hated the memory foam I bought for another room (way too cheap and way to firm). This is “like a cloud” IMO, almost too much so. I think the cheaper 1.5# base foam is the biggest problem (if there’s a problem). Sitting on the edge of the bed, you sink in 75% of the 10" thickness. Lying flat it’s not an issue and does feel very comfortable.

It’s really amazing once you “pop” the sealed bag how quickly it inflates to 10" (like 5 minutes). Will be at least 6 hours before it gets slept on. Once I get a couple nights on it, I’ll update. If I buy something for our main mattress replacement, it will at least the 12" (Bamboo Bliss?) and probably split #6 (me) and #8 (her)… or #7 for her.

Hi tcat007,

Thanks for the update … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

This probably has more to do with the nature of latex and the softness of the latex and not so much with the base foam. The density of polyfoam isn’t related to it’s firmness (any density polyfoam can range from very soft to very firm).

Latex is very “point elastic” which means it can compress in the specific area of pressure with much less of an effect on the material around it which doesn’t hold the compression back as much as with polyfoam. This means that when your weight is more concentrated with sitting you can sink down more even though it’s very supportive when you are lying down and the weight is more evenly distributed and the foam is contouring to your body. It’s one of the things that makes latex unique. If you had the same firmness of latex underneath your comfort layer as the polyfoam it would probably sink in even more because polyfoam is “stiffer” and less elastic than latex. Foam mattresses also don’t usually have edge support so it can be softer than people are used when they sit on the edge or their mattress if they are used to a mattress that has firmer edges when they sit on it.


Follow up after 2 nights on it. Not sure what to think. At first it feels more comfortable than our 15 year old Beautyrest, but I believe my shoulder is more sore in the morning. I am a side sleeper. I did a “test”, Set a 20# bag of bird seed on each mattress and measured how much they sank. Beautyrest 2", Ultimate Dreams, 1.5". But I “feel” like I’m sinking in more on the UD… but having a sore shoulder makes sense if I’m really not. It’s an Ultra Plush #8, so I would think that would be very soft (and good for side sleepers).

I haven’t slept on a “Full” in years, didn’t realize how much “space” my wife and I really like… so she left and was alone for 2 nights :frowning: She says they feel about the same to her. Need to have her sleep alone on it tonight to make sure it’s “close”. I think the 12" Bamboo Bliss would be very nice, but thinking we may want a #9 or #10. Is there really a lot of “feel” difference in a #8 and #9? Anyone have a #10 and feel it’s too soft?

We both noticed the smell if laying with face on the sheet. Was not strong at all when first unwrapped, and still isn’t, just noticeable with face to it. Don’t think it will be an issue.

Hi tcat007,

Thanks for the feedback.

I would give it 30 days or so for the break in period and for you to adjust to a new sleeping surface before deciding on a softer mattress. The “8” is already pretty soft (I believe it uses 19 ILD latex) and it will probably change a little in the first few weeks as well.

Most people would notice a difference between an 8 and a 10 (the next softest version at 14 ILD) but 14 ILD latex is very soft.


Since this is a guest bed, I don’t sleep on it often, but after a couple weeks if I sleep on my stomach and do not use a pillow, I can still smell the Latex. Not strong, just distinct. Does that eventually go away (not that I sleep that way often). I also wake up with a sore shoulder (I mostly side sleep).

Turns out BB doesn’t do #7 on their 12" Bamboo Bliss, so leaning toward #6. Just hate to have it too firm, with base layer going from 1.5# to 2.2#, and the top layer going from #8 to #6. Would this still feel “Plush”? Anyone with a Bamboo Bliss know what local mattress (Simmons?) might be similar?

Hi tcat007,

Talalay latex doesn’t have as strong a smell as Dunlop and it will eventually diminish (usually in a few weeks) to the point that you wouldn’t notice it but this may take longer if it isn’t being used as much. The smell of Talalay is usually described as a type of “sweet” smell and isn’t harmful in any way.

This could mean that the mattress hasn’t broken in yet or that you haven’t adjusted yet to a new sleeping surface (which would both take longer if you only sleep on it occasionally). It could also be that you need a little extra thickness or softness in the comfort layers and there could be some other reasons as well that are mentioned in post #2 here.

I would keep in mind that polyfoam density has nothing to do with the firmness of the foam. Any polyfoam density can be made in a wide range of firmness levels. Each person will have their own idea of what soft and firm or plush means to them but with the Bamboo Bliss you have the option of exchanging the comfort layer if your choice is either too soft or too firm based on your own personal experience (which may be very different from someone else).