My advice: dont be cheap when it comes to buying a mattress!!!!


I understand that everyone is at a different economic level. But I really dont think it is wise or smart to sleep on a cheap mattress that causes you pain. I dont mean you should buy a $100k Hastens….there are amazing mattresses for $2k-$7k!!!

I cringe when I hear this….”Well….the one we loved was $3800 and we loved it!!! But there was a deal on one sort of like it for $3000….its ok, but the $3800 mattress was better! Im having back pain on this mattress now” Are you kidding me? Get the $3800 mattress! Spend the extra $800!!! You will sleep better and be more productive! Less pain! More happiness!

Buying a mattress is not the time to cheap out. If you really want a split king….get it!!! If you want an adjustable base……get it!!! Good sleep is not a luxury….it is a necessity. Get what you want without compromise.

I might sound like a shill for the mattress industry, but Im not. Im a teacher. I learned that cheap mattresses are often a total waste of money.

Your thoughts are welcome!


Couldn’t agree more. Most people spend over a third of their lives sleeping yet don’t feel it’s important enough to invest in getting a good quality pain-free night’s sleep. High quality bedding materials aren’t cheap (especially since covid) so if you value this be prepared to spend a bit more than you might expect to get a mattress that not only works but also lasts a long time. I’m not saying everyone needs an expensive mattress just to be flexible in finding the best solution for your specific needs. The mattress industry has really gone downhill since the early 2000’s so if people have an old bed from before then they really like it can be alot more challenging and expensive to find a replacement that works. Also as you get older your needs change so getting a mattress that’s customizable for you can make a huge difference in how well you sleep. Even with my own DIY project I had to quickly learn you will make mistakes and waste money (esp in the beginning when you’re learning) but the faster you get over it and move on, the quicker you’ll find a solution that works for you. This can be a big deal if you don’t sleep well or wake up in pain every morning.