My awful experience with Resident Home (DreamCloud, Nectar, Awara, Level)

[color=black]First of all, I just want to say how much I appreciate the insane wealth of information on this site. I have a terrible time making purchase decisions. I suffer very badly from analysis paralysis. It took me 3 days of reading reviews on Amazon to buy new ice cube trays, so you can imagine how hard it is to commit to a $1000 mattress!

Secondly, before I get into the negatives, I’m very excited to say that I just purchased the SleepEZ Select Sleep Hybrid. I had never even heard of that brand before, but their transparency on this forum, glowing reviews of their customer service, layer exchange offer, and A+ BBB rating (seriously impressive, BBB-accredited since 1999 and 0 complaints!!!) really tilted me in their direction. I felt validated almost immediately, as they called me within an hour to confirm my shipping address and let me know it will be shipping tomorrow, which is just a phenomenal way to do business. I had never even considered a latex mattress, but the more I read about it, the more this seemed like the perfect solution. I’m a very hot sleeper and I hate my “cooling gel” memory foam mattress. My girlfriend wanted to get an innerspring, but I wanted something more so we compromised on the hybrid model. I can’t wait to get my mattress and share my experience.

Now allow me to detail my absolutely terrifyingly, infuriatingly miserable experience with Resident Home, parent brand of Nectar, DreamCloud, Awara, and Level Sleep. I placed an order for a queen DreamCloud Hybrid mattress on 5/24. It came with a “free” pillow and “free” weighted blanket. At the time, their website had no messaging around shipping delays. Two days later I received an email saying their processing was delayed due to COVID, and it would be shipped in 3-5 business days. No big deal, I thought. I happen to work in retail e-commerce so I get it, delays have been unavoidable lately. Two more weeks go by and I’ve received the “free” gifts, but the mattress still hasn’t shipped. Their website at this point says that shipments are going out in 7-14 business days.

Being the 14th business day for me, I called them to check on my order. An hour on hold and no one answers. So I gave up on that and tried their live chat. After another hour and a half of waiting in the queue before I finally talked to someone. All they would say is that it was delayed because of COVID, and that their warehouse was shut down “for a moment”. I pressed them on this asking why they didn’t think it was necessary to tell customers that their warehouse was closed, and they replied “it was only for a moment”. Got it. So long enough to delay my order for 2 weeks, but still just a “moment”. They also refused to cancel my mattress order because my order was already “processing through their warehouse”, and because they had already shipped part of it, they were literally unable to cancel it. This basically clued me into their entire scam. They don’t have any mattresses to send (they don’t produce them here, so I’m assuming they ran out and were waiting to get more from China), so they send your “free” gifts (which aren’t free, because you can’t return them, and if you want to return the mattress, they deduct the amount from your refund), and then use that as an excuse to why they’re unable to cancel your order.

Another week goes by and still nothing. I contact them again, and still no response. At this point I started demanding a refund, which they continued to refuse. They also said if they could cancel it, I would be charged $269 for the “free” gifts, which cannot be returned. So free! They actually referred me to the Nectar website return policy. In actuality, the DreamCloud site stated that the pillow can be returned within 50 days if undamaged. There was no return policy listed for the blanked, nor did they have a blanket “no returns” policy stated. However, assuming that they’d just reject my returns anyway, and not wanting to deal with choosing a new mattress, I went back to waiitng.

After that week, I was done. I chatted with them once more and emailed them to let them know I would be filing complaints with the BBB, the PA state Attorney General (my state), and the CA Dept of Consumer Affairs (their state). I also warned them one last time that if they didn’t cancel my order, I would be disputing the charge with my credit card company. Again, they refused, so I did all of the above. I also emailed the legal department of Resident Home and sent them a copy of my formal complaints.

Wouldn’t you know it, within two days they magically found a way to cancel and refund my order. Not only that, but they allowed me to return the “free” gifts (note: they scheduled a FedEx pickup, but FedEx didn’t show up, so this is still ongoing. It’s amazing what formal legal complaints and credit card chargebacks will do.

So anyway, allow this to be a warning against shopping with this company. The reviews on their website and across the internet are cherry picked and quite possibly fake. They have over 300 BBB complaints in only 4 years of doing business. They were also caught lying about their products being produced in the USA a few years ago. There are hundreds of negative reviews about their atrocious customer service. They claim to offer easy, hassle-free returns, but anyone who has gone through that process will tell you it’s tedious and miserable (evidently, you have to find a charity to donate it to entirely on your own, schedule the pickup yourself, and then complete a form to send back… even then many complaints said it took months for their refunds to be processed). I wish I had done more research before deciding to purchase from them, but lesson learned I suppose.

I can’t wait to provide an update on my Sleep EZ mattress! It’s already on the way after less than 24 hours.[/color]

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I had a terrible customer service experience with Dream Cloud as well! I had bad luck with Beautyrest Black and my Hybrid Latex with Natura too. Finally I found Winkbeds and they have the best products and the beat customer service EVER! I hope you like your latex hybrid. It wasn’t enough support for my lower back. The all latex layers work better for me. I love my MemoryLux Firm mattress from Winkbeds. Supportive and does not run hot - their unique aircell foam really works!

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Hey steeeve,

Welcome to The Mattress Underground :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your kind words on the site and for your post.

Congrats on your Sleep EZ Select Sleep Hybrid purchase :slight_smile: ! Thanks too for your support of Sleep EZ, one of TMU’s expert trusted members, we think very highly of them in terms of expertise, quality and post-sale support.

(several paragraphs relating to ongoing response delays during return process are not requoted for brevity here, please refer to original post #1 for complete details)

Good job, steeeve for exercising your rights as a consumer and following this process for resolution. Not everyone knows how to go about seeking legal remedies on their own behalf, it is a real education in “caveat emptor”/ “Let the buyer beware” and not everyone attains your successful outcome. And while there is no fault in any manufacturer going offline during the COVID pandemic for any number of reasons, a clear statement of that fact on their web site and on their social media channels is a common courtesy to offer these days and expected by consumers for purchase planning. I am sorry to hear that you suffered through such a frustrating, lengthy ordeal but hopefully you will find a Sleep EZ outcome more satisfying in the long run. Looking forward to your updates when your new mattress arrives… :wink: .


SleepEZ is awesome because the always put the customer first, and it shows. I have one of their mattresses, which I love. But before I bought my mattress from them, I purchased a queen size shredded pillow from them two years ago. I received an email that it had shipped. and I signed up for notification from UPS. The long and short is that my pillow was delivered to a vacant home several miles from me. And when I figured this out working with SleepEZ and UPS, or Fedex, SleepEZ went out of their way to rush me a new pillow. But we figured out the problem. They had a similar address to mine in their system and when they entered my address it was auto updating to the new address. I found this out when they sent me a message telling me my package was being prepared and was awaiting pickup. But as soon as i looked at the address it was going to I called them back. They immediately knew and fixed the problem. Needless to say, they earned me as a customer for life. SleepEZ is always there when you need them and they stand behind their mattresses. I hope you enjoy your mattress as much as I love mine.