My comforter doesn't makes me feel warm question

My comforter doesn’t makes me feel warm even though I did wear my long sleeve shirt, sweat pants, etc., is my comforter doesn’t feels warm to everyone or it’s just me?

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Sometimes alternative down is not quite as warm as natural down might make you feel. Your specific comforter set is more all season, rather than winter weight.

:heart:All-Season Comforter Set - 3D&7D cooling down alternative fiber whole-piece filling, light-weight and well-distributed, without any concern for clumping. Summer Cooling and Winter Warm. Great choice for those who can’t use goose down and feather bedding

If your budget allows, you may want to consider higher content of down fiber that has more weight to the filling Pinch Pleat 80/20 down comforter which is fairly reasonable for a down comforter…

Wool comforters on the other hand are also very nice to keep warm in the winter Winter Wool Comforter or Cozypure Wool Comforter or Shepards Dream Winter Weight Wool Comforter

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