My conclusions

Brooklyn Bedding offers a great deal for the price. I found a mattress at a local mattress maker but it is twice the price plus more for delivery and they don’t match the Brooklyn Bedding return policy. Tempflow would be my other choice although then again they are more money. As a matter of fact, about 3 times the cost… . They match the trial period and return policy itself but there would be shipping charges which I believe would be in the hundreds…

All 3 offer high quality construction and every indication is that they all offer great customer service. I can try the local mattress to know what it feels like but because of the trial period and return policies on the other 2, I would have longer to know if they were right for me with no risk.

Obviously, there is PPP that needs to be determined. I have to admit I would love to try the Tempflow but considering what you get for the money, the fact that it should be a durable mattress along with the no risk return policy, to me it seems crazy for me not to at least try the Best Mattress Ever… I am still going to give it a little more thought but that is where I am at right now…

Hi Napper,

I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up deciding once you’ve given it a little more thought and decide to pull the trigger :slight_smile: