My DIY Latex Journey + Your Help :)

Hello all, new member here although I have been on this forums numerous times in the past. My first run in with TMU was when I was searching for a way to make my Tempurpedic not destroy my back every-night. Someone had posted the same question and ended up find a temporay fix using a runner mat and topper. I tried this and it did help some but still not the comfort-ability im looking for.

So here I am, I have laid on latex mattresses in the past and love the feeling of them. After researching it seems I can not find a mattress that fits the needs I want without blowing a ton of money. So being the person I am and loving to do anything DIY. I decided to go this route for our next bed.

This is where I have some questions im hoping someone can answer. I know bedding and comfortably is different for each person. So if any of the questions I ask fall into that category if you could give me the consensus or your own personal experience that would be greatly appreciated. Ok So on to the questions.

So my original thought was to build a 6" Core with Dunlop in the Firm ILD Range(I do have samples of each range of ILD’s, although I know one company to a next can vary greatly) Then a Bottom Layer of 3" Talalay Medium, Then on the top a 3" Talalay Soft. My thinking behind this is to possibly have a reversible mattress. That I can flip over and get a more firm “feel” then when on the Soft side. Technically shouldn’t the support be the same? Since there both using the 6" Core? So what are your thoughts to this? Do you see any foreseeable problems with this layout?

My next question is, Would there be any benefit to using latex as my core? Would I get similar results using a HD Polyfoam Core and then using the same Top and bottom layers as mentioned above. As since the core is more for support or would using a smaller core and thicker top layers. Just curious if using the latex core over something else would be more beneficial.

And Finally, Where would you recommend buying the latex from? I know there are alot of suppliers on here but im looking for someone that has decent quality latex at the best price possible. Since im on a budget. Also any suggestions on places to buy a mattress cover for the layers I use? I would really like a Bamboo zipper cover as I have used Bamboo sheets for the last 3 years as I love the feeling of them and how cool they keep you. Is there another option on covers that you would recommend? Thanks for all the info, love the site!

Hello Twoods196

Thank you for your inquiry. There are a few good reasons to build a DYI mattress using latex layers/cores as your components. The most popular among these are durability, customization and the minimizing of off-gassing chemicals. Although a standard HD support foam core will indeed provide you with the support you may need, it will not provide quite the longevity that latex offers.
According the the information you have provided, it looks as though you are wanting a total of 12" of foam. If this is the case, I would recommend ordering four 3" layers of latex, as opposed to two 3" layers and a 6" core. This gives you more comfort-adjustability options with your mattress. For example; I would recommend a 3" soft over 3" medium over 3" firm over 3" firm. Overall this is the same density setup as per your initial inquiry, but gives you the ability to rearrange layers if need be to make minor and/or major comfort adjustments. A 6" core takes away some of the flexibility that the 3" layers provide.
There are many reputable companies in the U.S. that offer latex layers and cores at factory-direct pricing. offers both Talalay and Dunlop latex at very competitive pricing. Latex Mattress Factory offers all-natural Dunlop in the 2", 3" and 6" latex layers/cores, and are very competitive as well.
Please let us know if you have further questions. Keep us posted as to what you decide to do!

Thank you for the response! A couple more question. The idea of breaking it down into 3" sections is a good idea for customization/modifications in the future. Right now im just trying to get me something that will be better than my tempurpedic as it sags and then when I sleep on it my body heat causes it to warm up and I sink further down into it. Causing horrible back pains.

So my thought was this, Right now I only have a limited budget so to get me out of this bed im currently in I was thinking of buy 2 3" HD Polyfoam or the HD36 Foam and then using the 1 3" Soft and 1 3" Firm for the top and bottom. This would allow me to fully upgrade the center core when I get the budget to in a couple months. It would also allow me to get a “feel” for it and maybe have a better understanding of what im wanting.

With that said, do you have a recomendation on either the HD Polyfoam or the HD36? Is one preferred over the other? Also if I got this route would you still recomend the same firmness level for the 2 inner cores or would using Polyfoam change the setup any? Also do you have any suggestions on where to get a Cover? Seems to be the hardest thing to find. Most offer it for toppers but have yet to find one that is bamboo for a 12" mattress. Thanks!

Hello Twoods196,

I just wanted to warn you against buying your foam from if you decide on poly as opposed to latex. I bought their hd36 poly and it lasted me exactly one year. It was advertised as 5 to 8 year foam and it softened to the point it couldn’t even hold my hips up. I am not a heavy guy, 150 pounds.


Thanks for the heads up. I have seen multiple negative reviews about FBM. Do you by chance know if a good alternative that still has decent prices? Thanks!

Hi Twoods,

I have purchased many different ilds of dunlop and talalay but my only foam buying experience is foambymail. If I had to purchase foam again for some reason it would be HR foam from This type of foam is supposed to be much more durable than hd foam. Of course I decided to go dunlop in my bottom layers, since latex is the most durable of all the foams and I didn’t want to chance durability again.



The HD36 and HD foams are one in the same. HD36 is a specific density of polyfoam, which will definitely do the job as far as support layers are concerned.
If you decide to use HD36 foam as your support layer(s), while still going with the 3" soft and 3" medium latex layers, my original recommendation would still apply. You can configure your 12" of foam using the 3" soft latex on top, the 3" medium latex layer on the second level, and two 3" of HD foam on the bottom for support (using two 3" still gives you the ability to rearrange layers if need be). This will give you a very similar feel to the all-latex configuration I recommended initially.
Latex Mattress Factory offers a 4-Way cotton stretch zipper cover for 12" of foam, which you can find here: Stretch Cotton Cover – Latex Mattress Factory. SleepEZ offers two types of covers that will accommodate 12" of foam, a cotton 4-way stretch cover and an organic cotton quilted to wool cover, which you can find here: Shop All - Replacement Cover and Components - Sleepez USA Inc. If you desire only a bamboo encasement, you can find them here: Replacement Bamboo Mattress Cover | Brentwood Home.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you very much for all the information! Does SleepEz sale the HD/Poly Foam? Would like to order it all from you as I know yall sale quality materials. If not I will check out latexmattressfactory for the foam and get everything else from yall. Thank you again and I will def. post some pictures/update here when I get it finished!

Also wanna say the organic cotton and quilted wool cover looks very nice, does it tend to stay cool like bamboo? Also the Bamboo cover you linked has 13" but no 12", if I got that route would it still fit or ?


Both SleepEZ specializes in Latex and Memory foams. We are not currently offering any standard HD foams at this time. However, you can find standard foams at Walmart online here: High Density Foam and the Foam Factory online here:

Our cotton quilted to wool cover can be considered a temperature regulator of sorts. It allows the latex to breathe due to its open-knit (non-woven) design. The cover does not trap and hold body heat, but instead allows it to escape, preventing a hot and uncomfortable sleep surface.

Thank you again for your inquiries! Please don’t hesitate to call our office as well should you have further questions. Have a great evening!