My experience with MGM Kiwi

My partner and I needed to change our mattress after our old one started severely sagging. We wanted a Luma Original since we had purchased one for our son the year before and love it. However, Luma wasn’t able to fulfill the order, so we decided on the Kiwi since it used the identical density and ILD dunlop foam for the comfort layer. The Kiwi also has 1" of wool on top of the latex, which I hoped wouldn’t affect the feel much. Part of the reason for the purchase was also the customer service rating for MGM, so we felt confident to try.

The bed shipped and arrived just a few days after ordering. Bonus since our old mattress was causing us SO much pain. In addition to the new mattress, we also bought a new slatted frame to protect our new mattress (different company).

Thoughts after the first 2 nights was it was a bit firm for me as a side sleeper. My partner who is a back/stomach sleeper was undecided. Knowing that we needed to adjust to our new sleep surface, we gave it some time. We are just about 3 weeks in now, and unfortunately the bed softened to an unbearable level, even for me as a side/back combo sleeper. This bed is rated as a medium, but it’s definitely a soft. My partner can no longer sleep on it without extreme back pain and has moved into our son’s room to sleep on the Luma. I contacted the company by phone to talk about solutions, and while the guy I spoke with was friendly, he had none to offer except rotate the mattress. Doesn’t seem like that’s a great long term solution for a soft bed though. We have no choice but to initiate a return and start from scratch.

I did confirm from the company the bed does soften for a few weeks after unboxing, so it’s not just us adjusting to the feel. The wool really masks the support from the dunlop, which I’ve discovered I don’t like. The edge support wasn’t that great, I would say average at best. I slid off the side if I tried to sit there. It’s also much thinner than our Luma bed, which I was surprised by.

I just wanted to put this review out here since I searched all over for posts on the Kiwi and found few to none. I don’t think it’s great as an adult bed, at least not for couples, and would probably best suit kids as it was originally marketed for.

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Thanks for updating. Hopefully, you next choice will be the perfect one!